Things that make me Smile!

back doorSo I was able to get my back door painted yesterday!  Now I need to do something about that cement slab.  Home Depot has some new cement paint that I think I’ll try next week.  We are leaving today to help Karissa move from Minneapolis to St. Paul so work at home will come to a little stand still.

Now on the inside of the garage is what makes me smile!  I told you I’ve been painting lots of doors…so this is the inside of the garage.  Whenever I go in and out which is a lot since I use this door to go to the shop/studio to work!  Instead of looking at where the cat scratched and having that make me crabby…I see a really cool purple door and it makes me smile.  LIttle tricks in life to keep a positive attitude !purple door


One Response to “Things that make me Smile!”

  1. Ronda Says:

    Suggestion for your concrete slab~~’Welcome to our Pad”
    ~~You are far too creative to settle for just concrete paint 🙂

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