Oct 17

flowers, Friendship, Hello, Thinking of You

Good Morning! We are here at the beach but it’s been cold so I’ve been adding new stamps to the online store. Boring job but needs to be done. More of the same today 😝

Stamps Used: C229 Happy Day; K10HL Squiggly Rectangle; FF58 Peony Triangle Vase;

3 thoughts on “Oct 17

  1. all the new releases look great but it looks like there are 2 med peonies? one listed ff59 and the other is dd110. are they different? I had both in my cart and noticed they look the same,but I could easily be wrong. thanks!


    1. Hi Jeanine! I believe that FF59 is actually the larger. Look at the rubber size in the descriptions; that should help you decide on size!! I will go change the Med to Lg. thanks for letting me know. That’s what happens when you work late at night πŸ€ͺ


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