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Jan 16

January 16, 2017

and another card for our make n takes!! 

Today is a good day to work from home since the ice and rain have started. It is just pure ice out there. I need to pick up some paper in the morning so I hope the ice melts soon. 

Stamps Used: F203 Swiss Dot; C156 KB’s Chick; G238 Easter Bright Sunshine; G239 Grass Border; G329 KB’s Spring Bunny; J25 Carrot Border; 

April 13

April 13, 2016

Hello!  Well, the wall is no longer leaking and the trim is all up. Glad that is done. I had an afternoon of shopping. We didn’t get much but had a good time. 

We have a busy day ahead of us so I’d better get moving 😊

Stamps Used: F243 Empty Happy;  EE58 Long Birthday Fun Cube; A236 KB’s Lamb Mini; 

March 7

March 7, 2016

We had a great time in Rockford!  Thank you to everyone who visited us in our booth!

Now begins another mad rush to get ready for the Indianapolis show. Mary Elken and Sarah are coming to help with the make n takes. We should have four tables and 15+ spots so if you are in the area come and see us!

Well I’d better get some stamps made and make n takes ready 😜😳

Stamps Used:  BB40 Easter Eggs; D311 Easter Greeting; DD80 Easter Fun Cube; FF43 Easter Bunny; DD63 Dots & Line Circles;

Jan 12

January 12, 2016

hello! We continue to travel home. We are currently somewhere in IL. We stopped just as the snow started falling last night so we missed the bad roads but today see all the cars that didn’t stop in the ditch. It is currently 5 degrees so a little cold😉

Today’s card features one of the very first fun cubes and is still a favorite of mine…the Easter egg fun cube. 

Stamps Used: BB40 Easter Egg a Fun Cube; FF43 Easter Bunny Head lg; A158 Happy Easter;  C129 Easter Blessings; H117 Swiss Dot Circle; G16 Solid Circle Lg; CC72 Easter Bunny Head Sm 

Enjoy your day!!!

Jan 5

January 5, 2016


Hello!  Today brings our Easter Make n Take that had been added to the line up. I believe I was able to add about 5 new make n take cards.  Exciting!  

We will be loading the trailer today so we can get an early start for Texas in the morning. 

Our equipment is still not working all together but they are over nighting a new receipt printer that should work….talk about last minute….makes me really nervous. 

Stamps Used:  DD21 Old Dots & circle; CC72 KB’s Bunny Head sm; DD80 Easter Fun Cube; D311 Wishing Easter; G141 Open Dots; AA31 mini butterflies; D299 Trio Butterflies; D216 Handmade Circle; 

Kathy’s Card

April 6, 2015

Kathy's Easter

Good Evening!  Today’s card comes from Kathy in SC!  A sweet Easter card.  Stamps Used:  HH27 Whumsy Daisy Lg, EE44 KB’s Bunny w/ radish

We had a very busy weekend!  We painted the entire Dining Room and then began replacing the floor with hardwood floors.  Choosing colors for the walls is always fingernail biting work!  I actually took the curtains to Home Depot and had them match a color on the curtains.  I love Behr Paint and Primer.  I’m also a big Oops Paint buyer.  So all in all I only have $40 in paint so far. I had two gallons of oops red paint…but one was too pink and the other was two orange.  So we mixed them and it was perfect.  Love when that happens. As soon as we finish…I’ll show you pictures.

Think Spring!

April 3, 2015



oh so cute think spring card!  And we are thinking spring….willing the snow away 🙂

spring3Perfectly cut butterflies on the brother machine!


Triple Circle cards from The Paper Cut!  I do have the die but prefer to use Paper Cut paper in solid colors…just easier…instant gratification 🙂

spring4Stamps Used:  D299 Trio Butterflies, CC72 KB’s Bunny Head, Sm, DD80 Easter Fun Cube Sm, D311 Happy Easter & Beautiful Spring, DD63 Dots & Circle

We are finishing up a big wholesale order today and then doing a little re-modeling!  Got my painting clothes on today but Kevin said the walls in the Dining Room are not quite ready so we are moving to the Master Bedroom Closet.  The floors need re-doing, walls need re-painting, and moving some things around are far as organization.  So Excited!  Love Re-Modeling 🙂

Have a great weekend!


Oh My!

April 2, 2015



Oh My!  We have had a beautiful day today here in Wisconsin!  Beautiful Sunshine and around 60 degrees!  Not too hot and not too cold…about perfect.

So I played a little hooky!  Well not completely…we had a vulcanizer (our rubber cooker!) burst a hose and so yesterday we took it to town to be fixed.  They put the wrong end on it so I had to go back to town to get it fixed again 🙂  Now, those of you who live in big cities…probably don’t feel my pain…but going to town takes a half a day around here because of the distance. So if I’m going to lose a couple of hours of work might as well make it 4-6 hours …right?!  I stole my niece and we went shopping.  Nothing for me but a new dress for her and  a bunch of memories 🙂

Today’s card is inspiration from Marge at the Allentown show.  She suggested the bows and I loved the idea so had to do it.  Thanks  Marge!  I really want to change the twine to a blue twine too 🙂

Stamps Used:  DD80 Easter Fun Cube sm, DD63 Dots & Lines, FF43 KB’s Bunny Head, D311 Happy Easter & Beautiful Spring, CC72 KB’s Bunny Head mini, A244 KB’s Bow Sm

Here’s a couple of pictures from Keith and Joyce from our Make n Take Table in Allentown… Patti…PattyJohn and Natalie….


I love the pictures!  I think I need to start taking more pictures!



Moving ON

February 5, 2015


Good Evening!  We are getting all cleaned up in the trailer and getting ready to move on in the morning to Clearwater, FL.  Life seems to move so fast!  It seems like we just got here.

Just a simple Easter card today.  Just one stamp 🙂  Love the lace tape.

Stamps Used:  EE44 KB’s Bunny w/ Radish

Wed March 19th

March 19, 2014

easter blessingsKarissa’s little bunny with the carrots and radish has been selling like crazy!  It is really cute.  It was the top seller in Allentown so I thought I’d give more card ideas for it.  I really love the new skinny chevron border that can be stamped with the larger chevron border, no cleaning in between the stamping 🙂

Stamps Used:  JJ17 Skinny Chevron Border, HH31 Chevron Border, EE44 KB’s Bunny w/ radish, A190 Single Heart, C129 Easter Blessing to you and yours, DD63 Dots & Line Circle, DD36 Easter Fun Cube.

Punches Used:  1.25″ Circle, 1.5″ Scallop Circle, 1.75″ Circle, Purple Marvy Uchida 3.0″ Scallop Sq, 2.5″ Sq Pink Marvy Uchida Punch, Cut the green square 2.5″x2.5″, Pink Scallop border is actually from the Sizzix Triple Circle Die Set!  It will be back in stock in a couple of days for those waiting for it.

The Easter Fun Cube is the biggest of all the fun cubes.  All the rest fit in 1″ circles where as the Easter Fun Cube needs a 1.25″ Circle.



easter blessing insideKB’s EE44 Bunny is a mirror reverse stamp – for those who don’t know what that is…the carrots/radish are on one side on the bunny and an exact mirror on the other side of the stamp that puts the carrots/radish on the other side.

EE44well I’d better get to work.  More orders to get out 🙂