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Sept 26

September 26, 2018

Good Evening…We are leaving in the morning for the Southfield, MI show. Was ready early afternoon so I sat down and made some cards with our new stamps 😊

Stamps Used: GG50 Peony Lg; C236 Just a Note;

So Grateful

November 19, 2014

so grateful

so grateful inside

We are so grateful for everything in life!  I was groaning about all the stamps we were making and whining a little 😦 and Kevin said what if no one liked your stamps and you had no stamps to make?  What a perspective!  So happy for all my work! 🙂

Stamps Used:  E247 KB’s Tom Turkey, Lg; F214 Every Thought Thanksgiving; DD49 So Grateful Fun Cube; Lines & Dots

Here was my commute to work this morning!  So Beautiful!


and yes I was in the shop before Kevin so my path was not shoveled!  Otherwise he always shovels a path for me 🙂

Eat Pie!

November 17, 2014

eat pie insideeat pie

Good Morning!  I hope your weekend was good 🙂  It is so nice to be home and having supper with my sister and her family!  We also had lunch with friends yesterday and so it has been nice to be home.

We are excited for Thanksgiving this year since it looks like both of our kids will be home and my parents will come.  So looking forward to Thanksgiving!

This week we will feature some of our thanksgiving stamps.  Stamps Used Today:  E247 KB’s Tom Turkey, B272 Eat Pie!, F214 Every Thought Thanksgiving

Thursday Aug 14

August 14, 2014

birthday candles

love the uniqueness of this card!  I would never have thought to do this but love the coloring!

Enjoying a day with my family in Minnesota!

feel better soon

May 20, 2014


Good Afternoon! We have bright and sunny sunshine today here in Portland, OR! I uploaded the new stamps to the website today so we should be all caught up with them. I also uploaded the handmade in the states that we have done…

We currently have these states done:
C243 Handmade in OH

C244 Handmade in MN (this is actually one of two!)


C245 Handmade in WI

D284 Handmade in WA


D285 Handmade in MN (two of two!)

My feel better soon card is again one of the 40 so it is 3.5″x5.0″ wide. simple and sweet. Hope your week is going good!

Wed April 16

April 16, 2014

happy day

so I’m spending the day with my Mom an Dad and it does make my day happy!  This card is so happy looking too; you can’t help but smile when you see it!  Hope your day is happy too!

Wed Feb 19th

February 19, 2014

wild about youHere’s a cute and simple baby tag.  Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Baby Animal Border; B275 Wild About You.

We had a beautiful day today here in WI!  It was 36 degrees out,  so warm we went without jackets.  It’s all in what you get used too! 🙂

If you wonder how we get all our stuff to the conventions….here’s a picture of the beast we pull with all the good stuff!

trailorIt’s Wednesday!  We are almost through the week…hang in there!



Friday Jan 24th

January 24, 2014

un frogthis is the cute little smaller size frog.  so cute.

Stamps Used:  D231 KB’s Frog; E216 you are Un Frog ettable;

I thought I would show some of the panels of the old window a little closer up :)…

old window pictures 2