no snow!

mnt 2015

I have officially designed the new Design & Treasure Project for 2015!  A BIG thank you goes out to Debbie who actually gave me the instructions for the box!

mnt 2015 2

and the inside!

choc kiss

I put a pull here stamp on the tab but I think it really needs to say “lift here” so I was thinking of designing a fun cube that has:  pull here, lift here, open here but now I need a suggestion for the fourth.  Any ideas?

Stamps Used:  A186 Solid Heart, A188 Stitch Heart, DD67 Valentine Fun Cube, EE25 Dots & Lines, B244 KB’s XO’s

All the snow has melted!  Look at this:

no snow

this is the last of the piles of snow!  What a crazy winter!  Enjoy your Monday.

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9 Responses to “no snow!”

  1. Jan Nolte Says:

    For the cube words, how about TUCK IN HERE

  2. Eden Says:

    How about push/press here, or turn here, or fold here, or spin here…

  3. Lori DeSaulniers Says:

    cute treasure! Lori

  4. Alida Says:

    Great box! I got my package today! Yippee! Check going out in tomorrow’s mail. Thanks!

  5. Sue C Says:

    Surprise Inside! Love the box.

    You said ‘crazy winter’. And winter hasn’t even started yet.
    It’s actually still Fall.
    Whatever season it is, it is crazy!

  6. njtrader Says:


  7. endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

    Love all the suggestions!

  8. Mary R Says:

    For the “lift here” cube: “turn ->” for wheels with walking feet, etc. Arrow could go either direction but I would love that for my pop-up cards.

  9. Liz Johnson Says:

    How ‘bout “slide here” for the 4th side of a cube? Liz Johnson

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