Dull Glossy Paper, Fall, Friendship, pattern paper

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately. Just a lot going on. I was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor on my wrist which are really rare and we’ve been gardening! I did have the tumor removed and it was benign which we knew going in to surgery but was glad to get it confirmed. I have two numb fingers as a result of surgery but I’m hopeful that the feeling will come back. It doesn’t stop the stamping! I love fall colors. I hope this finds you all healthy and happy!

Gardening Treasures!

Not the best pictures ! Not good lighting! 🤪

Stamps Used: GG38 Cornstalks; F178 Warm Sunshine; LTum Trio Leaves; B268 To My Friend

9 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I thought I had a cyst on my wrist but it has gone hdeeper and makes the thumb hurt at night. Miw you mention a nerve tumor onbathe wrist and I’ve not heard of it. Guess I need to see a Dr! Thanks and speedy recovery. Miss going to Stampfest, Cinn Ohio!

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  2. Beth…. This is Caye Martel. I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist problem. I just said to my daughter “ we have not seen any thing from your website in a while” . I surely hope you recover your feeling in those fingers. Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you. Take care.

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