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Suamico, WI 54173

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  1. Kim Bridges Says:

    A friend of mine told me about your site. I am interested in your e-mail sample cards. Friends name is Ronda Ellis. Thanks!

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      Hi Kim,
      I’m not really sure how she gets the email with our cards. I assume she signed up on our website with her email and then they come to her. Our daughter does all our blog and website stuff and she’s coming home this weekend so I will check with her and get back to you!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I came by to visit your booth at the Columbia, SC location. We’re considering being a host city for a scrapbook show in the Charleston, SC area. We’ve contacted a few venues and wanted to email a few vendors to one see if this is an event you would be interested in being a vendor and two give us tips what makes a great show for you the vendor.
    We did not see an email address for you so I decided to post here. Please respond to

    We plan expo events in our area and are having great success. Since attending the event in Columbia we’ve had so many people ask if we would consider doing on in our area. We have a great time at our events and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

  3. Donna Brown Says:

    Thought I had this figured out but guess I don’t …still not getting emails every week showing new cards…Help please

  4. trish apgar Says:

    i beth its trish from ocean city could you please send the color chart for the copic pens as promised thanks trish

  5. Donna Brown Says:


    Am looking for several products used at OC convention class with Beth…the small brayer and the 4×4 acrylic piece for use with the stamp-a-magig…thanks for your help.


  6. Donna brown Says:

    Cannot find above mentioned items available 4-17-12 on site…where to look?

    Thanks, Donna

  7. Ronda Ellis Says:

    Are you guys going to be at the show in Winston-Salem this upcomin weekend? Did not see your name on the list.

  8. Ronda Ellis Says:

    sorry to hear that and hope that all is going well!!

  9. Pat Phillips Says:

    We attended the show in Bloomington, MN on July 29th and did your make ‘n take with the gray card and KB’s Fancy Birdbath. We are wondering what the name of the embossing folder you used is.

  10. Leslie Says:

    Beth, I just wanted to thank you for all our help in picking out stamps, etc., helping me make a Christmas card – you are the best! Please come back to Ft. Wayne, IN again next year! I had a ball!! I’ve signed up for your blog. If you remember, you called me “your new best friend” – LOL! Thank you for a wonderully fun day! Leslie

  11. Karen Says:

    Your stand was one of the most popular and one of my favorites at the York Show. Initially seemed like a small show but we managed to spend hours there, as it’s pitched to more to stampers than many larger scrapbooking shows. Thanks for making the trip! Enjoying your blog, both the card ideas and your personal comments.

  12. Tonja Schreck Says:

    How can I order your stamps???/

  13. Lisa Hutcheson Says:

    I visted your booth at the Mesquite, Texas show. I purchased a “7-1 Square Rev Mask Block” at your booth. I fell in love with the displayed “Santa Face” card that used the block stamp and had 3 different parts of Santa’s face inside each of the 3 blocks. I want to use the same technique for bunnies and Easter. I thought I had it figured out but I have not been successful. Would you mind giving me directions or hints on how to get only part of the stamp inside the box?

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      Hi Lisa,
      It is really easy. First start with the Rev Block stamp and stamp it on your card stock. Next take a text weight piece of paper, like typing paper, and stamp the block stamp again. Then taking a exacto knife, cut out the INSIDE of the block. This is your “mask”. Now, place the mask over the stamped block on the card stock. Stamp your image. Then remove the “mask” Your image should all fall inside the block. Hope this helps and makes sense!

  14. Lisa Hutcheson Says:

    Makes perfect sense! Thank you for the help.
    Loved your card samples at your booth!!

  15. Jamie Pruyser Says:

    Hi Beth,
    Jan and I want to know if you’re coming to Colorado this year.

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      It is possible that we will be there. There is a new show that will be mainly rubber stamps that will be in September. One in CO Springs and then Loveland. I believe they are the last two weekends of the month. We will know more in the next month or so and I can get you the website with the information. I believe they are just putting the website together now.

  16. Ingrid Yarbrough Says:

    Beth, Barb and I were at the Novi exhibit last weekend and bought the Scan n Cut. You demonstrated how to cut with a stamp that doesn’t have continuous line by using acetate piece where you outlined around stamp. Where do you get the acetate, is there a thinness or thickness weight and did you use non permanent marker for outlining? Thanks. Just received the machine on Thursday and trying to get to know it.

  17. Tami Barrett Says:

    Looking for this stamp. ..(G310 Just Married Car) How can I purchase one?

  18. Diane Says:

    Will you be at the Akron Ohio show in April this year?

  19. Terry Randolph Says:

    Hi, my email address has changed the new address is
    Can you make this chg or point me to where I can do it

    Thank you

  20. Sherri Large Says:

    Hi I just came back from the Novi michigan show and I’m seeing lots of beautiful cards on here but I can’t find where to buy stamps from. The lady that gave me this I thought she knew I wanted to buy stamps because we used some to make a card and I wanted to buy those can someone help me…thank you

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      when you go to our website, click on the online store and that is where you can buy the stamps. You can also click on a link at the bottom where it says stamps used and that will take you to our website. Websites can be tricky and hard to figure out. We are currently at a convention in Golden, CO. Sarah from The Paper Cut is going to send me a picture of the card you made so I can help you on Monday 😊 Hope this helps.

  21. Marsha Hall Says:

    Just a quick question. Can’t wait to come to your booth in June in MA. I love your stamps. Do you bring a pretty wide verity of your stamps with you to sell?

  22. Peggy McCann Says:

    Can you call me please 651-982-2273
    I was interested in purchasing
    Kits that are ready to be assembled like
    At shows. Loved the wish big that I did at
    A mn show.
    Looking forward to talking to you.
    Thank you,


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