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Dec 12

December 12, 2017

Should be baking today! Instead it’s two appointments: eye doctor and knee seminar! Hope I learn something. We still have the freezer to unload from toy hauler and some clothes to get out and then on to some stamp making.

Stamps Used: CC83 Oven Mitt Sm; A254 Rolling Pin Sm; A255 Whisk Sm; F290 Rough Bake;

Nov 11

December 11, 2017

It is good to be home! We are trying to get things taken care of. I need an eye exam (can’t see anything up close) so I think I need my bifocals updated. I also need to get my blood pressure checked since it continues to run high 😣. And my knee continues to be painful 😩 so all those little annoying things that need to be taken care of.

Stamps Used: Oven Mitts Lg & Sm; Whisks & Whisk Happy Birthday; Rolling Pins Lg & Sm;

Dec 9

December 9, 2017

Good Morning ☀️! We have arrived home! We came home to snow ❄️. I will be in the shop making stamps today since my sister wasn’t able to do our orders this week.

It’s good to be home 🏠

Stamps Used: EE71 Potted Daisy med; E326 Thoughts & Prayers;

Dec 7

December 7, 2017

Good Morning! Thought I would check in while internet is good and let you know where we all are! Somewhere in the middle of Kansas. The weather has been great -cold but no storms!

We’ve seen some interesting things. A wide load going down 54 with the power company holding up power lines so they could pass under. The down side is they travel about 50 mph and there is no passing them! They finally turned and we can travel faster now. whew! Things always get better 😊

Stamps Used: D345 Things Get Better; G334 Sisters;

Dec 5

December 5, 2017

Good day! We are in Phoenix to take our daughter to airport tonight. We hope to head home at 4 am in the morning!! I think we are anxious to get home and right now the weather looks favorable 😊 always a good thing.

Stamps Used: A254 Rolling pin sm; C307 Rolling pin lg; E325 Rolling out Happy Birthday;

Oct 30

October 30, 2017

We are on our adventure to the west coast!  We have made it to Albuquerque NM. We hope to be to Phoenix tomorrow. 

Stamps Used: F224 Kite; D309 Happy Adventures;  

Oct 19

October 19, 2017

Well my seat mate and I have been very busy!  We finally got all the orders out. whew, we have put in some long hours this week. Sarah from The Paper Cut was up tonight and we were designing some cutting dies together. 

Stamps Used: F267 Seat Mate; 

Oct 18

October 18, 2017

Good Morning!  Another beautiful day today with perfect weather. and more stamp making!

Stamps Used: B282 Spectacular Day; 

Oct 17

October 17, 2017

Good Morning!  We have nice cool crisp weather here in Wisconsin. Loving it. Lots to do!  We cleaned out the toy hauler yesterday since we have a couple of weeks here at home. The orders have piled up while we were gone so I’m anxious to get moving this morning and get them done. 

Stamps Used:  FF10 Pumpkins; F179 Beautiful Fall; 

Oct 16

October 16, 2017

Starting out the morning rough!  Sorry about the post that published before it was done 😣 

We had a spectacular time in York. Glad to be headed home; didn’t get very far last night and ran into rain so we stopped for the night. We were awake at 3:30 am so got up and hit the road again. It’s going to be a long day!  

Stamps Used: F282 I had Spectacular