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Nov 20

November 20, 2018

Hello. We had a nice day today – getting caught up on laundry , cleaned one half of my desk ( the other half is a disaster!), did some paper work, cleaned a little bit of house. I got all the orders out today so all caught up. 😝 not a bad day. Tomorrow our Thanksgiving company starts to arrive. Getting Excited!

Stamps Used: EE61 Carved Turkey; E308 Cooking Pot; EE60 Pumpkin Pie; E288 Holiday Cheer;

Nov 19

November 19, 2018

Good Evening! I’ve been quiet on the blog while we finished the last show and the traveling. Glad for a little break now as we get ready for the new year.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! I love when my whole family comes. Here’s a couple of cards that are similar.

Stamps Used: EE61 Carved Turkey; EE60 Pumpkin Pie Slice; E308 Cooking Pot; E288 Warm Holiday Wishes;

Oct 9

October 9, 2018

Good Morning! A quick post before we head to York and then on to Hampton so we’ll be on the road a bit. Orders will ship a little slower.

Adorable Thanksgiving card!

Stamps Used: E308 Cooking Pot; EE60 Pumpkin Pie Slice; EE61 Cooked Turkey; E288 Warm Wishes Holiday Cheer;

Oct 8

October 8, 2018

Good Evening! It’s what we call curtain time. Last day before leaving for a show. We didn’t have a lot to do today but I decided to add a Thanksgiving card to the make n takes. I think I forgot how much work it takes 🙄 but I did get it done 😊.

Stamps Used: D212 Happy Thanksgiving; F214 Every Thought; HH24 Stitched Circles; E247 Tom Turkey Lg; Trio Leaves;

Cutting Die Used: CDE247 Tom Turkey;

Nov 22

November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all have fun plans for tomorrow! Here in Yuma, AZ we will have Thanksgiving Potluck with a bunch of people.

Today I’m really excited because Kevin is ripping up the carpet in the bedroom of the fifth wheel and replacing it. They put in the cheapest stuff they can find in RV’s and it doesn’t hold up to frequent use ðŸ˜Đ

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Nov 20

November 20, 2017

Good Afternoon! Are you all looking forward to Thanksgiving? We sure are! We continue to be pretty busy; laundry today and then we are going to attempt to change the carpet in the fifth wheel.

Stamps Used: EE61 KB’s Carving Turkey; EE60 KB’s Pumpkin Pie; F246 Let’s Eat;

July 20

July 20, 2017

Good Morning. I have to let you guys know that l was asked to beta test a new iso for my blog posts. I should never do that because I'm not technically suave enough. The 😊 that you see are emojis that didn't post correctly not me "swearing ". Then it switched photos when it posts to face book. groan! and of course I have no idea how to get out of the beta. so I apologize.

another fun gatefold card! all week you'll see them.

Stamps Used: E289 Happy Thanksgiving; FF50 1.75 Dots & Circles; EE60 KB's Pumpkin Pie Slice; F251 Family, Friends & Pumpkin Pie; HH31 Chevron Border;

Cutting Die Used: Scallop Circle Frame Die Set;

Oct 4th

October 4, 2016

My sister came over to help us make stamps tonight so we have them all cut out and just have to put them together tomorrow.  Thanks Sonya 😘

She also brought me this present that her and her husband made for us…

Awesome corn toss game!  Thanks guys!

Stamps Used: B233 Silverware; C292 Apple Pie; E287 Lets Eat; EE60 Pumpkin Pie; EE61 Carving Turkey;

Sept 30

September 30, 2016

Here’s the last of our quick easy Thanksgiving cards!

We are all set us band ready for the Sourhfield Stamp Scrap Art Tour !

Stamps Used: Apple Pie; E287 Give Thanks;

Sept 29

September 29, 2016

another simple Thanksgiving card! and we are in the road again 🙂

Stamps Used: F246 Let’s Eat; EE60 Pumpkin Pie Slice;