Sept 12

Thanksgiving, Top Note Card Making Cutting Die

I’ve been working on adding New Make n Takes!  I forget how much work they are 😜. I’ve added about six new ones. Here is the current one that I’m working on. 

My list is really long today so I’ve got to keep moving!  I will be glad when we are done making stamps for the next convention. hopefully today 😊

Cutting Dies Used: Top Note Card Making Die; please note the wrong picture is posted…one more thing to add to my list😁. Top Note Layering Die Set; again wrong picture 😣. Think I fixed those wrong pictures 😛

Stamps Used: F179 Beautiful Autumn; A210 KB’s Three Leaf; D230 Open Square Med; FF10 Sketch Pumpkins Lg;

October 20


Good Morning! Our weather is back in the 50’s so it’s been pretty nice. The agenda for today is….what else?!? but making stamps 😝

We’ve been working on adding make n takes for every holiday. Today’s card will be our Thanksgiving card. Hope you like it!

Stamps Used: A215 Hand Made By Mini; B121 Empty One Inch Square; B272 Eat Pie; C216 KB’s Tom Turkey Small; D253 Heart Tag; D212 Happy Thanksgiving; F214 Every Thanksgiving Thought;

September 4

Halloween, Thanksgiving

We are still enjoying nice weather but fall seems like it is right around the corner.  Today brings more inventory and display work. I finally got Kevin talked into lights for our booth so we are working on that too. 

In the house we are doing finish work, filling nail holes, re-painting over them, some plaster work on the ceiling, and then the painting of the ceiling in the kitchen. There is a small amount of crown molding to go up along with baseboard. Then begins the kitchen floor! Getting there! 

Stamps Used:  A208 KB’s Oak Leaf; A209 KB’s Maple Leaf; A210 KB’s 3 Leaf; C170 Happy Fall; F177 Fall Colors; FF35 Sketch Tags; 

Have a great weekend!!!

So Grateful


so grateful

so grateful inside

We are so grateful for everything in life!  I was groaning about all the stamps we were making and whining a little 😦 and Kevin said what if no one liked your stamps and you had no stamps to make?  What a perspective!  So happy for all my work! 🙂

Stamps Used:  E247 KB’s Tom Turkey, Lg; F214 Every Thought Thanksgiving; DD49 So Grateful Fun Cube; Lines & Dots

Here was my commute to work this morning!  So Beautiful!


and yes I was in the shop before Kevin so my path was not shoveled!  Otherwise he always shovels a path for me 🙂

Eat Pie!


eat pie insideeat pie

Good Morning!  I hope your weekend was good 🙂  It is so nice to be home and having supper with my sister and her family!  We also had lunch with friends yesterday and so it has been nice to be home.

We are excited for Thanksgiving this year since it looks like both of our kids will be home and my parents will come.  So looking forward to Thanksgiving!

This week we will feature some of our thanksgiving stamps.  Stamps Used Today:  E247 KB’s Tom Turkey, B272 Eat Pie!, F214 Every Thought Thanksgiving

Fall Season

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single pumpkin

fall inside

Good  Afternoon!  I know it’s hard to believe but I don’t think I’ve done a thing today!  Just relaxing! Kevin is helping his Mom do some projects around the house and I’m doing nothing 🙂

I have aspirations to make some of these…

owl scrubbie

they are little scrubbies on the inside with cotton yarn around.  My sister-in-law has been making them and I used one while doing dishes this morning (so I guess maybe I did SOMETHING!) and I really liked it.  I think I’m going to make them round…not a fancy owl 🙂  I was doing it while waiting for the internet…it’s a little slow here but workable.  I haven’t managed to get one done I keep taking it out.  Tamara says to do it loose and I think I’m just doing it too tight.  I got her to show me and now she has it half way done…that’s an easy way to get one done…have her do it!

Another fall card this morning.  I used the brother machine to make the flourish.  Stamps Used:  FF10 Pumpkins, F177 thinking of you fall, D203 Fall Season




fall season

Good Morning!  We had a nice drive to Yuma (to Kevin’s Mom’s place!) last night and arrived at 10 pm.  We need to get the truck’s oil and tires rotated so we plan to do that today.  Then we are just going to enjoy the day with Kevin’s Mom and Sister…maybe do a few projects! 🙂

Here’s a nice card for fall.  This time I used the pumpkins without putting any pumpkin faces on them.

Stamps Used:  FF39 KB’s Pumpkins, D203 Wonderful Fall Season