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Oh My!

April 2, 2015



Oh My!  We have had a beautiful day today here in Wisconsin!  Beautiful Sunshine and around 60 degrees!  Not too hot and not too cold…about perfect.

So I played a little hooky!  Well not completely…we had a vulcanizer (our rubber cooker!) burst a hose and so yesterday we took it to town to be fixed.  They put the wrong end on it so I had to go back to town to get it fixed again 🙂  Now, those of you who live in big cities…probably don’t feel my pain…but going to town takes a half a day around here because of the distance. So if I’m going to lose a couple of hours of work might as well make it 4-6 hours …right?!  I stole my niece and we went shopping.  Nothing for me but a new dress for her and  a bunch of memories 🙂

Today’s card is inspiration from Marge at the Allentown show.  She suggested the bows and I loved the idea so had to do it.  Thanks  Marge!  I really want to change the twine to a blue twine too 🙂

Stamps Used:  DD80 Easter Fun Cube sm, DD63 Dots & Lines, FF43 KB’s Bunny Head, D311 Happy Easter & Beautiful Spring, CC72 KB’s Bunny Head mini, A244 KB’s Bow Sm

Here’s a couple of pictures from Keith and Joyce from our Make n Take Table in Allentown… Patti…PattyJohn and Natalie….


I love the pictures!  I think I need to start taking more pictures!



Wednesday’s Card

March 4, 2015

bright spot

hello!  A couple of new stamps to showcase today 🙂  Sometimes when we have good selling stamps or stamps that we really like we make them in different sizes.  Our C213 KB’s Lightbulb is one of our best sellers and so we made it a little bigger and a little smaller.

Stamps Used:  G337 KB’s Lightbulb Lg, E277 Bright Spot World.  We do plan to make this stamp again but instead of the word the…we will use a…  you are a bright spot in my world.

love the new stamps…just want to stamp instead of making stamps 🙂

So just a little side note…I have been having trouble with pain in my thumbs and my sister had thumb surgery  8 years ago and the symptoms were mimicking hers.  Today I went to the hand surgeon.  Although I do not need surgery now…I will at sometime in the future.  Today I was given an injection of cortisone in the thumb joint.  This will help hold off surgery.  I was hoping it was all in my head but I knew the pain was getting worse.  But glad to know that it can be fixed!

Triple Banner

August 20, 2014

triple banner

Good Morning!  This morning I have used the triple banner flag stamp without using a triple flag card!  I can see other possibilities too. You may notice that the sketch of this card is the same as Monday.

Construction has begun and the house is a mess!  We made good progress yesterday.  The wall is completely down between the living room and dining room.  Kevin had to move some electric outlets out of the wall which made it more time consuming.  I got all the shows balanced and the paper work done.  I even painted my piano yesterday!  It came out awesome.  Today I need to wax it and Kevin has some holes to fix in the walls from the electric project. Then the carpet will all get ripped out and the ceiling painted today.  So lots to do to keep us out of trouble!

Pick friends like flowers

February 7, 2012

G66 Sketch Painted Daisies, F147 Rosa If Friends Were Like Flowers