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Dec 26

December 26, 2017

Good Evening. A lot of cooking and cleaning up went on today! I will be back in the shop in the morning to get the orders out that came in.

A bit of cleaning and picking up since bible study is at our house tomorrow. It is REALLY cold here in WI so not having to go out is a good thing.

Stamps Used: C186 Warm Winter Greeting; C171 Snowflake; JJ16 Snowman Border;

Nov 25 (AGAIN)

November 25, 2016

so maybe we will try this again…not sure what happened 😳

Stamps Used: DD78 Pete’s Penguin; DD89 Squares & Dots; EE62 Fall Rusty Fun Cube; Triple Scallop Square Card Making Die;

Nov 25

November 25, 2016

Nov 23

November 23, 2016

Good Evening!  We are looking forward to our kids both being home for Thanksgiving. The rest of the house has been cleaned, the groceries have been bought, the laundry is done…I think we are ready. 

I always say triple scallop and triple circle cards are quick and easy cards to make!  So when you are busy but you need cards to blog…you pull out the triple diesπŸ™‚

Stamps Used: AA27 Double Snowflake Mini; DD89 Squares & Dots; EE24 Twig Snowman, Small; EE62 Fall Rusty Fun Cube; Triple Scallop Square Card Making Die;

oOct 3

October 3, 2016

whew! We have been busy. Got home at 1 am this morning worked till 11:30 pm. I’m pretty sure the alarm will go off way too early tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Quick winter card today;

Stamps Used: EE62 Fall Rusty. Fun Cube; DD55 Snowman Face(

October 17

October 17, 2015

so since I failed to blog yesterday we will make up for it today!  Spending the day running errands in town. 

Had to get the winter coat out for the first time!! I think winter is coming. 

I get these crazy coupons from a store called Younkers… they are $50 off a $50 purchase and $35 off a $35 purchase.  Hard not to use them… So I got 3 pairs of socks, one really cool pair of boots, two sweaters, and one long sleeve t-shirt for $15! Crazy!  My friends are all jealous and I have no idea how I got on the mailing list for them but love it. 😜 

Have a great weekend. 

Stamps Used:  DD29 KB’s Knitted ScarfSnowman; F233 A Snowman Wish

October 15

October 15, 2015

Finally have all the orders done and mailed! Love that feeling. Now we can start making stamps for the next convention which is in Mesa, AZ and Carson, CA.  We have to beef up inventory a bit to handle both shows.  

Stamps Used: DD29 KB’s Knitted a Scarf Snowman E261 Christmas Snow Much Fun

October 14

October 14, 2015

Good Evening.  We’ve been busy making stamps ! Sounds like we do that a lot. 😜

Stamps Used:  C241 Thanks Snow Much; DD29 KB’s Snowman Knitted Scarf 

October 13

October 13, 2015

Loooooong day in the shop today. Finally finished all the special orders and Internet orders so they can be mailed in the morning. Next we start with all the wholesale (retail store) orders. ugh, it’s gonns be a long week!  Better to be busy than not busy 😜

Stamps Used: DD29 KB’s Knitted Scarf Snowman

October 12

October 12, 2015

It’s Home Sweet Home again for us!  We arrived home around 5 pm just before a big wind / rain storm. Happy to be home!  We came home to lots of work so we will be busy. Keeps us out of trouble. 😳

Stamps Used:  BB22 Snowflake Fun Cube; C241 Thanks Snow Much; CC64 KB’s Ear Muff Snowman