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Nov 16

November 16, 2017

Good evening! I’ve been wanting to make some z fold cards with hearts and really loved this triple heart card. Sarah from The Paper Cut will be working on making these into dies.

Stamps Used: F279 Smile Happy Love; BB22 Snowflake Fun Cube; EE37 Plain Snowman;

Nov 8

November 8, 2017

Good Evening!  I am sooooo much better!! Thanks for the well wishes. Not pain free but much better. Did 6 loads of laundry, took care of some paper work,  took a rest (that’s pretty much proof I haven’t been feeling well) and now getting ready to make supper. 

We have made the decision to take out the wood mount stamps from the booth. Eek! I know it’s hard to believe. The MISTI has changed the world of stamping and I must adapt 😛  Wood mount stamps will still be available on our website.  We hope to carry new releases in wood in the booth if possible. 

Stamps Used: BB22 Snowflake Fun Cube; D300 Sending You Love; F233 Snowman ‘s Wish; FF36 Heart Snowman Looking Up; 

July 21

July 21, 2017

whew! I’m glad it’s Friday!! 😍. Ready for the weekend.  

The last gatefold card to end our week of gatefold  cards. 

Stamps Used: A212 KB’s Snowflake Sm; C171 KB’s Snowflake Med; DD61 Snowflake Fun Cube; EE47 KB’s Ear Muff Snowman; F233 Snowman Wish; FF50 1.75 Dots & Circles; 

Cutting Die Used: Scallop Circle Frame Die Set; 

July 19

July 19, 2017

Good Morning 😃 I'm up early this morning and ready to get the day going! I'm on supper duty tonight and I'm making teriyaki chicken/steak. Looking forward to it. My sister made it a few weeks back and I've been dreaming about it since 😍

My gatefold card obsession continues!

Stamps Used: A212 Snowflake Sm; C171 Snowflake Med; DD61 Snowflake Fun Cube; E246 Snowflakes Kisses; HH20 Border of Dots; JJ16 Snowman Border;

Cutting Die Used: Scallop Circle Frame Die Set;

Sept 25

September 25, 2015

Hello!  We are still having summer like days and running air conditioner. Not complaining , winter and snow will be here soon enough. Did some cleaning today so just getting out to the shop. I need to barcode all the stamps. I will be working late into the night.

 Kevin has a free day to change oil  in vehicles and then tonight he is taking our nephew, Drew, to the shooting  range for his birthday. I’m not sure who is more excited- Kevin or Drew? 😉

Stamps Used: BB22 Snow Fun Cube;BB51 KB’s Snowman Mini; E252 Open Love; F233 snowman wish; H123 KB’s Heart Banner

Have a great weekend!  We are going to the west side of Wisconsin, both our children will be out there and I’m hoping since I’m feeling better … I will enjoy the weekend more than last weekend 😊

Sept 22

September 22, 2015

Good Morning! Not much going on around here except stamp making!  Dawn till Dusk😜 

Stamps Used: A212 KB’s Snowflake Small; C171 KB’s Snowflake Med; C218 Think Snow; CC64 KB’s Ear Muff Snowman; D275 Holidays Snowman Kind; E252 Open Love 

Sept 21

September 21, 2015

Good Morning!  We are back from our trip and I hate to report but I was miserable! 😳 My allergies decided they would like to give me grief and grief they gave me! Whew, glad to be home and hopefully away from the hay and pollen which grieved me😕

Another Open Love card! Stamps Used: B245 KB’s Tophat Snowman mini ; B261 Frosty Kisses; BB22 Snowflake Fun Cube; E246 If Snowflakes were Kisses; E252 Open Love;

It’s back to work ! 😊

Tues Sept 30th

September 30, 2014


Sunday we needed air conditioning and today we need heat!  goodness, the toes and fingers are cold today!

I guess we better get used to it seeing as winter is coming.  The best thing about winter is snowman!  Same style card as yesterday.  I just used a different line stamp and words.

Stamps Used:  BB22 Snowflake Fun Cube, HH10 Skinny Lines Border, FF36 KB’s Snowman Looking up, E261 Christmas Snow Fun

Snowman wish

March 7, 2014

Just a quick post today. Excited the weather is warming up some! Last night was playing with background pattern paper and white scallop oval punch with burlap ribbon. ImageStamps used: EE42 KB’s Snowman Looking Up, F233 Snowman Wish, EE41 1.75 Circle and Dots


Love the little handmade in Minnesota on the back too.

We are in Rockford, IL this weekend, hope to see you there!

For more information:

Can’t get enough of this snowman!

February 28, 2014

KB here today since my folks are in Indianapolis getting ready for the Heirloom show. Today, I have to share this cute handmade in MN stamp! I can’t wait to use it to make tags for all the little handmade stuff I’ve been working on. Mostly bandana bibs (or drool catchers as I sometimes call them) for all my friends having babies.



Here is a photo of what the bandana bibs look like with the tags I am currently using. There are a ton of tutorials online as to how to make them. I learned about them from a friend who makes them for her little one and they are a fun gift to give.



Stamp used on the little tag: DD53 KB’s Baby Giraffe


Now to the card, this little snowman is so darling and I think he matches the font and words so well. Sorry, it is a bit hard to tell but the card is a pearlescent white which is really pretty and shimmers. Thought about adding something more but liked the simplicity too much.

IMG_0918Stamps used on the card: EE47 and F233 which are not online yet but will hopefully be up soon or if you are in Indianapolis they will be in the booth. So go check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone!