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June 27

June 27, 2017

We were up bright and early this morning to start the trek to Orlando, FL. We plan to get to Clarksville TN if all goes well. Kevin forgot his coffee this morning so it’s not starting out so good.  We don’t make extra stops along the way so he has four hours before we stop and he can get coffee 😳

Stamps Used: D333 Ofishally the Best; EE75 Adam Fish; LG 

March 20

March 20, 2017

Good Morning!  As you may have noticed we haven’t posted in a while 😜 Honestly, we have just been busy.  Just making stamps. We did make a quick trip to MN for a pierogie feast but have been getting ready for the Indianapolis and Allentown shows. 

As most of you know we hand stamp every one of our cling mounted stamps and it is very time consuming 😳 and with the MISTI tool we are selling a lot of cling mounted stamps! 

I’ve been wanting to try some gatefold cards and spent a little time yesterday doing just that!  I’ve decided they are too much work for me 😝

Stamps Used: FF48 Dots & Circles 2 inch; DD63 Dots & Circles 1 inch; C206 KB’s Lamb; EE59 Ewe Fun Cube; 

Nov 25 (AGAIN)

November 25, 2016

so maybe we will try this again…not sure what happened 😳

Stamps Used: DD78 Pete’s Penguin; DD89 Squares & Dots; EE62 Fall Rusty Fun Cube; Triple Scallop Square Card Making Die;

Sept 2

September 2, 2016

It’s Friday!  and a holiday weekend!  Life is good!  We are just working on stamps and orders. I like these lazy days with not a lot of rush to them. 

Stamps Used: EE59 Ewe Fun Cube; C206 KB’s Lamb; EE25 Dots & Circles; F208 Happy, Happy, B-Day;

Have a great long weekend!

August 29

August 29, 2016

I’m up early this morning since my list of things to do is very loooooooong!!  I had a great afternoon of stamping yesterday…one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon 😊

Take notice of the HH20 Lots of Dots border used on this card…you’ll see it on just about every card this week 😁😜

Stamps Used: A220 Hoppy Birthday stacked; AA10 Dual Dots Lg; DD63 Dots & Circles; E218 B/day Toadally Cool; EE25 Dots & Lines; F204 KB’s Frog; HH20 Lots of Dots Border; Triple Circle Card Making Die;

August 27

August 26, 2016

It’s Friday!  Looking forward to the weekend. Going to see our son. 😊

Stamps Used: B121 Open Square; D227 Laugh Wrinkles; F204 KB’s Frog; Paper Cut Triple Scallop Square Cutting Die;

Aug 9

August 9, 2016

Wanted to get this post done before we started in the shop making stamps. Anticipating a long day since there is not much time between these two shows. 

We have a lot or orders in house right now and we plan to pack and ship all orders today.  So if you are waiting on an order it will be on its way today 😊

These are some of the new stamps that go with the Triple Fancy Tag card making dies. I do stamp first , place the die on stamped image and then tape. I typically use painters tape. 

Stamps Used: AA32 Krinkle Butterfly Tiny; DD86 Fancy Tag Dots & Lines; C206 KB’s Lamb; CC73 Double Grass; EE59 Ewe Fun Cube;

June 16

June 16, 2016

good morning !  We are ready to roll this morning. I’m anxious to get our stamps done so I can relax for a couple of days. It’s hard for me to sit and relax when there is so much work πŸ™„

Love the simplicity of a one layer card!

Stamps Used: A190 Tiny Heart; G338 Hello; DD82 Krinkle Butterfly lg; CC73 Double Grass; FF37 Darcy Bird lg; 

May 23rd

May 23, 2016

Happy Monday. We’ve had a busy day. Worked in the shop from 7-3 and then we cleaned Kevin’s shop. Now for a little supper and relaxation πŸ˜› Well if you call stuffing make n takes relaxing. That’s on my list for tonight. 

Stamps Used: C206 KB’s Sheep Sm; F219 KB’s Sheep; CC73 KB’s Grass; D255 Sheep hear ; C146 With Sympathy; G196 Sympathy;

April 26

April 26, 2016

We had a great time in Akron and glad you were all wild about our make n takes 😊

So Kevin asked what we were doing today and the answer was “making stamps” πŸ˜›

Stamps Used: F235 Triple Flag Banner; B275 Wild about You; EE36 Fox; C199 Woodchuck; A190 Tiny Heart;