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Jan 13

January 13, 2016


This was a crazy popular card during the Make n Takes in Texas. 
So lots to do today- all the special orders need to go out- need to start the new stamps for the next show. Those who have been wondering about our schedule… we have a few more to add and then we should be set and can publish it. 

Our next show is Lawrenceville GA – the first weekend in February.  Jamie and Becky will be back to help with make n takes too!

Stamps Used: F202 Oval Swiss Dot; C231 Happy New Baby;  B289 Baby Lion Mini; CC70 Baby Giraffe Mini; CC71 Baby Elephant Mini; F232 Bundle of Joy; D119 With Love; 

Jan 12

January 12, 2016

hello! We continue to travel home. We are currently somewhere in IL. We stopped just as the snow started falling last night so we missed the bad roads but today see all the cars that didn’t stop in the ditch. It is currently 5 degrees so a little cold๐Ÿ˜‰

Today’s card features one of the very first fun cubes and is still a favorite of mine…the Easter egg fun cube. 

Stamps Used: BB40 Easter Egg a Fun Cube; FF43 Easter Bunny Head lg; A158 Happy Easter;  C129 Easter Blessings; H117 Swiss Dot Circle; G16 Solid Circle Lg; CC72 Easter Bunny Head Sm 

Enjoy your day!!!

Jan 6

January 6, 2016

Today’s card is our new graduation make n take. It is very similar to a card we have already posted.

Our new printer arrived and does not work. So after investing thousands of dollars in the new POS system and hundreds of hours uploading inventory – nothing works!  So the  next time you see me my hair may be all tore out๐Ÿ˜. We leave today for Texas and we are not really sure how we are going to check out down there but we do have the old system back up and working. Sigh. 

Stamps Used: B231 Grad hat mini; D312 Bright Future; B134 Grad Hat; D187 Grad Hat; G337 Lightbulb lg; E279 Congrats Bright Future

Jan 5

January 5, 2016


Hello!  Today brings our Easter Make n Take that had been added to the line up. I believe I was able to add about 5 new make n take cards.  Exciting!  

We will be loading the trailer today so we can get an early start for Texas in the morning. 

Our equipment is still not working all together but they are over nighting a new receipt printer that should work….talk about last minute….makes me really nervous. 

Stamps Used:  DD21 Old Dots & circle; CC72 KB’s Bunny Head sm; DD80 Easter Fun Cube; D311 Wishing Easter; G141 Open Dots; AA31 mini butterflies; D299 Trio Butterflies; D216 Handmade Circle; 

Dec 30

December 30, 2015

A quick valentines card today. We are working hard on getting stamps done as we suddenly realized we are down to just six days before we leave for Grapevine TX.

ahh. Where does the time go? 

Stamps Used: CC69 KB’s Mr & Mrs Mouse; A190 Tiny Heart; D208 Sweet on You

Dec 23

December 23, 2015


Goodness! so much going on around here! My parents came, our son came home, we still have the three brothers here. Life is good!  We say good bye to some tomorrow and hello to our daughter. Looking forward to the holiday’s. 

You might notice today’s card is the same sketch as yesterday ( I do that a lot!) and you can expect more as the week goes on but we will have a Easter card, valentines card, and today’s St Pat’s, and a Christmas for Friday.  Whew that might be a run on sentence ๐Ÿ˜

Stamps Used: B265 Four leaf; E267 Irish or Not; G16 Solid Circle, lg; H117 Swiss Dot Mega;

So Eric made a cake for my nieces birthday and Bruce decorated it…

and is the back end of a horse!  She loves horses ๐Ÿ˜Š

Dec 22

December 22, 2015

Today’s card is in honor of my neice Hallie who turns 17 today !  Happy Birthday Hallie. 

Half our company has arrived… my brother Brad and a couple of our ministers Bruce & Eric. My parents will arrive today…although their beds are actually at my sisters but I will cook for the crew. My brother in law and sister will be working most days but they are awesome about helping with clean up.  So our hearts are happy and enjoying our time together. 

Stamps Used: E227 Wishing Happy Birthday; E254 KB’s Cupcake; G16 Solid Circle, Lg; H117 Swiss Dot Giga;

Dec 9th

December 9, 2015

Good Morning! Today brings more data entry! ๐Ÿ˜ณ. I did stop yesterday to work on my Design & Treasure  (D&T) project. D&T is a Friday night class held before Heirloom Production Conventions. There are four teachers, four projects at 1/2 hour long. I will be doing this project: a gift card holder. It was fun and easy, oh and quick too!  

Stamps Used: G316 KB’s Capp Cup Lg; EE37 KB’s Plain Snowman; E248 Coolest Friend;

Dec 8th

December 8, 2015

good morning. We continue to make progress on our POS system. slow, tedious work!  my favorite kind๐Ÿ™„ not how I wanted to spend the “off the road” time but looking on the bright side … if it would have happened in the middle of a show that would have been a nightmare!

Stamps Used: CC23 Christmas Fun Cube; DD63 Dots & Circles; E147 Wonderful Christmas; F193 Hanging Christmas Bells;

Love these Cuttlebug folders!!

November 12

November 12, 2015

Good Mornng! Today finds us still in Yuma, AZ. I didn’t get as much work done yesterday so today I stayed at the trailor while Kevin went to his Mom’s. I’m getting nervous that the work is not getting done ( too much talking and distractions ๐Ÿ˜œ) so I’m all by myself and working like mad to get all the make n takes stuffed! Kevin did offer to stay and help but I figured I could get more done by myself.  I need to do enough for both the Carson show and Madison show since the rest of days will all be spent in travel. We need to be pulling out by 6 am tomorrow so this is my last opportunity to get things accomplished. 

Stamps Used: D233 KB’s St Nick Med; C111 Dear Santa; H122 Holly Border