Tips and Tricks to Stamping

These tips and tricks are things we’ve learned over the years and work for us. If you do something different and it works, by all means, keep doing it! These are not rules set in stone.

  1. When inking your rubber stamp with an ink pad, move the stamp around and don’t re-ink in just one spot. This helps keep the ink from drying out in a specific area.
  2.  To prevent a double image, do not rock the stamp. Gently place, apply even pressure and lift straight up.
  3. When using cling mounted stamps for groupings, use a large enough acrylic block to fit all stamps. This allows you to stamp once and avoid overlap. Photo Jun 15, 6 30 24 PM
  4. If your cling stamp is not sticking to the acrylic block, wash both with water.

To be continued..

If you have any information to share, let us know!



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