April 17

Thank You Cards

Hello! I have made a discovery.   Imagine that!!  Sometimes I stress out over making cards…thinking I need to use every cool tool. It’s time to get back to the basics of card making and I’m having so much more fun!  I had some thank you cards I needed to send out so here they are simple and basic😊

Stamps Used:  D328 Sending Thanks; GG40 KB’s Potted Lazy Susan Large;

and YES they are brand NEW stamps!!!

5 thoughts on “April 17

  1. Because you taught me first before all the other companies did their thing, I still go to simple first as it seems I have tons of people that need encouraging! And your cards are just as thoughtful and bring smiles!

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  2. I need to take a lesson from you & get back to basics, too. Love these new stamps! When will we see you again in the Atlanta area? Are you coming to Scrapbook Expo in July?


  3. I like clean and simple cards. I don’t always have time for all the extras because I have my grandsons all day. When I need a card in a hurry CAS is best. Great sample card. The new stamps are so nice.

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