April 17

Hello! I have made a discovery.   Imagine that!!  Sometimes I stress out over making cards…thinking I need to use every cool tool. It’s time to get back to the basics of card making and I’m having so much more fun!  I had some thank you cards I needed to send out so here they are simple and basic😊

Stamps Used:  D328 Sending Thanks; GG40 KB’s Potted Lazy Susan Large;

and YES they are brand NEW stamps!!!

5 Responses to “April 17”

  1. Bette Says:

    Because you taught me first before all the other companies did their thing, I still go to simple first as it seems I have tons of people that need encouraging! And your cards are just as thoughtful and bring smiles!

  2. Leigh McMinn Says:

    I need to take a lesson from you & get back to basics, too. Love these new stamps! When will we see you again in the Atlanta area? Are you coming to Scrapbook Expo in July?

  3. Ronda Ellis Says:

    Glad you are having fun with your toys 🙂 Love it

  4. sharondamico Says:

    I like clean and simple cards. I don’t always have time for all the extras because I have my grandsons all day. When I need a card in a hurry CAS is best. Great sample card. The new stamps are so nice.

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