March 29

Friendship, Valentine's Day

We’ve had a busy day today. Spent all day yesterday getting supplies for our projects. Today we did our projects. Kevin designed a tool for me to stamp our cling stamps with. I’m anxious to try it. He also had to re-seal the roof on the toy hauler. 

I worked on our taxes and new stamps. Had a really productive day πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜›

A simple card with pattern paper. 

Stamps Used: C300 Sweet on You; 

March 28

Birthday, Scallop Circle Card Making Die

Good Morning from Hershey, PA!  We made it through the Indianapolis show and are heading to the Allentown, PA show. A BIG thank you to Mary Ellen and Sarah for helping me last weekend 😊

We have a lot of things to do this week!  We are changing a few things behind the scene for our make n takes and Kevin is designing me something to help with the stamping of the cling mount stamps. Stamping the backs of cling mount has just consumed too much time and although the customers love it; we need to make it more cost effective!  So lots to do!

Stamps Used: HH24 Stitch Circles; LG; G302 Duo Daisies Lg; AA11 Firefly; F120 Happiness Well Being; E144 Happy Birthday Lg Moped; 

March 21


We had a very productive day yesterday. We had to reload the toy hauler since we used the trailer at the last show. Nice to have spring weather for it!  I cleaned the whole house (it really needed it!). Went to a couple of thrift stores with my sister. Stuffed some make n takes. Yep, happy with yesterday’s achievements. It’s the ordinary things in life. Just getting things done 😊. I think I was just happy to not be making stamps but it’s back to stamp making today😜

Stamps Used:  FF48 Dots & Circles 2 inch; DD63 Dots & Circles 1.25 inch; C206 KB’s Lamb; EE59 Ewe Fun Cube;

March 20

Creatures, Thank You Cards

Good Morning!  As you may have noticed we haven’t posted in a while 😜 Honestly, we have just been busy.  Just making stamps. We did make a quick trip to MN for a pierogie feast but have been getting ready for the Indianapolis and Allentown shows. 

As most of you know we hand stamp every one of our cling mounted stamps and it is very time consuming 😳 and with the MISTI tool we are selling a lot of cling mounted stamps! 

I’ve been wanting to try some gatefold cards and spent a little time yesterday doing just that!  I’ve decided they are too much work for me 😝

Stamps Used: FF48 Dots & Circles 2 inch; DD63 Dots & Circles 1 inch; C206 KB’s Lamb; EE59 Ewe Fun Cube; 

March 7

Coffee, Friendship

Good Morning!  It’s another day of stamp making!  I say that a lot!😜 If you placed a special order at Rockford they all went out in the mail today. We missed the mail deadline yesterday but got them all done. They  will go out first thing this morning. 

The internet orders will also all go out today.  Maybe not all but most of them. I tend to think we can get more done than we really can. 😏

Stamps Used:  B267 How you bean?; DD97 KB’s Tall Coffer Pot; E293 Coffee Beans;