Monday Jan 27th

so gladI’ve been using some of our newer stamps for the displays in our booth and really like the ones just to send someone a cheer up card.  I try to take three matching papers and then fill the display with cards that all match.  Doesn’t always work but I do like how it looks when it does work!  So this card  is good for those who are recovering from surgery, from a cold, or the flu  or just whatever!  Very clean and simple.

Stamps Used:  E257 So Glad Feeling Better; DD59 Sending Fun Cube; DD63 1″ Dots  Lines; CC61 KB’s Birthday Bird

Here’s another frame from my old window.  I’ve been crocheting these little flowers.  They are so much fun and only take a few minutes!

kb & Momthe suitcase are re shuffled and re packed, clean and ready to head out again!



5 Responses to “Monday Jan 27th”

  1. suziqnme Says:

    Really like the card Beth! And I want one of the stamps. Fancy that! Posting makes sales. Are the little birds a matching set or is there a trick to getting a mirror image from a stamp?

  2. Lori DeSaulniers Says:

    Beth – you are waaaay too talented!!! Lori

  3. Barbara Connolly Says:

    I would like to order your “circle” rubber stamp you used on this card. Can I order from you because I tried to get on your site from my ipad and safari could not find your server.


    Sent from my iPad


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