Can’t get enough of this snowman!

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KB here today since my folks are in Indianapolis getting ready for the Heirloom show. Today, I have to share this cute handmade in MN stamp! I can’t wait to use it to make tags for all the little handmade stuff I’ve been working on. Mostly bandana bibs (or drool catchers as I sometimes call them) for all my friends having babies.



Here is a photo of what the bandana bibs look like with the tags I am currently using. There are a ton of tutorials online as to how to make them. I learned about them from a friend who makes them for her little one and they are a fun gift to give.



Stamp used on the little tag: DD53 KB’s Baby Giraffe


Now to the card, this little snowman is so darling and I think he matches the font and words so well. Sorry, it is a bit hard to tell but the card is a pearlescent white which is really pretty and shimmers. Thought about adding something more but liked the simplicity too much.

IMG_0918Stamps used on the card: EE47 and F233 which are not online yet but will hopefully be up soon or if you are in Indianapolis they will be in the booth. So go check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wed Feb 26

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rosyWell,  the day has certainly gone fast today but I guess the whole month has gone fast since we are staring March in the face!  I hope this cold and snow goes away soon.  Snow is fine.   Cold is not fine.  We loaded the trailer today and it was – 9 degrees.  That’s cold.  Indianapolis will be significantly warmer at 30 degrees this weekend.  Looking forward to that 🙂 We begin travel in the am…onward rejoicing we go!

hope everything is rosy!


Mon Feb 24

With Sympathy

lily lgI think perhaps this Lily of the Valley stamp is fast becoming a Favorite of Mine!  It was actually the flower in my wedding.  Due to the new stamps we have been frantically working to get stamps done in time for the Indianapolis show.  Little nervous since snow is predicted for Set up day 😦  Well better get back to work 🙂


Fri Feb 21st


sistersHere is a sneak peak at a couple of the new stamps!  A good one for today since we are having a girlfriend night of scrapbooking/stamping.  A few girlfriends including my sister coming over for a night of fun.

There is still so much to do before the Indy show… we’ve changed a few things and that always takes so much time to re-organize but it’s coming along nicely.

It’s Friday!

I learned something today 🙂 I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks 🙂  I was reading a pintrest cleaning blog the other day and it said when you clean your house you shouldn’t do zone cleaning.  As in clean the master bathroom, then the master bedroom, then the bathroom, then spare rooms etc.  I have always cleaned the house that way and thought it was efficient.  The article suggested do all the dusting, then the vacuuming, then the toilets, etc. through out the whole house.  I thought it seemed like a lot of running up and down the stairs and not efficient.  Well I was wrong!  I decided to try it today and I cleaned just about the whole house in about an hour.   The nice thing is you are not always looking for the next thing.  You just keep moving.  Loved It! Kevin was coming behind me and vacuuming and washing floors.  I did everything else.  I got a lot of exercise, that was so true,  but it didn’t hurt me.   It usually takes Kevin and I about 4 hours.  I don’t think I shaved off that much time but the house wasn’t real dirty which helps!  Any way Have a great weekend!


Thurs Feb 20th

Baby Cards

baby feeta simple cute baby tag for packages!  Stamps Used:  B266 Oh, Baby! C72 Baby Feet.

Got a big day today.  Lots of stamps to make, orders to get out and guess what?? New Stamps?!!  Oh they are so cool.  Love them.  Love new Stamps…What’s coming… a lily of the valley stamp, penguin, new birthday, sympathy, graduation fun cubes, and cute snowman sayings to name a few…so exciting.

better get to work!


Wed Feb 19th

Baby Cards

wild about youHere’s a cute and simple baby tag.  Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Baby Animal Border; B275 Wild About You.

We had a beautiful day today here in WI!  It was 36 degrees out,  so warm we went without jackets.  It’s all in what you get used too! 🙂

If you wonder how we get all our stuff to the conventions….here’s a picture of the beast we pull with all the good stuff!

trailorIt’s Wednesday!  We are almost through the week…hang in there!



Tues, Feb 18th

Baby Cards

baby 3 circle2baby circle 3 1I have good news from everyone in Florida (where our boxes did not arrive in time for the show!) that they have finally arrived home.  So for everyone looking for this sizzix die….I have it in stock again.  I will put it on the website today.  Notice how I used these stamps?? since the die is smaller I needed to just stamp parts of the bigger stamp!

Stamps Used:  JJ33 KB’s Baby Animals Border; E132 Congrats new Baby!; B260 Oh, Baby!; DD63 1″ circle and dots

sizzix die 1Here is what the die package looks like…there are more pictures on website.

So for those of you who have been wanting to see our snow….Here is it…

snow 1

snow 3the driveway was clear before it started to snow.  We got all this yesterday!  So you can guess what Kevin is doing today!  Yep, plowing snow.  He’s very HAPPY!  Loves to plow.




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Snowman, Valentine's Day

heart melt2well my goodness, we continue to get SNOW!  We get a couple of inches then Kevin plows and we get a couple more, so he plows, and then we get MORE!  It really is pretty!  The ground is beautiful.

this card is a little smaller than the usual so that I could put the heart on top and still fit it into a A2 size Envelope.  I also like to use the snow pile for my snowman so that they look like they are sitting on something!

Stamps Used:  HH26 Heart Border; C240 Make my Heart Melt; F140 Snowpile; AA27 Snowflakes; B245 KB’s Top Hat Small;

Have a great Weekend!  Treat your Valentine!


Thurs Feb 13th

Snowman, Winter

heart meltthis card is so appropriate for the days since it seems like most of the nation is getting snow!  We got a couple inches yesterday and it is snowing again!  It’s a little warmer- around 20 degrees suppose to get to 28 degrees which seems really warm.  It’s all in your perspective.

I love this new little you make my heart melt stamp…perfect for snowman.

Stamps Used:  C239 Heart Melt; C171 KB’s Snowflake;  D235 KB’s Top Hat Snowman; F140 Snowpile

I believe ( I’m a little techno challenged!) that I was able to put that recipe on Pintrest.  It is on the Be Happy! Board.