Thurs Jan 29

Get Well Soon, Thinking of You

floral gardenWe are up early here in Brooks, KY and getting ready to head into Atlanta, GA.  Hope the roads are off grid lock there!  We got out of the truck and it was what I thought was “warm”  so I looked and it was 20 degrees!  It’s all in perspective!  20 degrees seemed so much warmer than the 1 degrees we left in Green Bay,

Love this new cuttlebug embossing folder!  again just a simple card using the floral garden stamp!


Wed Jan 29

With Sympathy



very simple sympathy card!  We will see a few cards over the next few days with this stamp.  It’s a big stamp but sometimes we forget to use just parts of them.  This is what this stamp looks like:

H85I usually just stamp it out and then punch out with the circle punch so that I can turn over the punch and look at what I’m punching out!

Well, we are heading south this morning but I’m not sure the weather will be much better!  It does have a forecast for 65 degrees in GA and that will be an improvement of 75 degrees from here.  It was COLD here yesterday.  We also need to load the trailer this morning before we leave since it was so cold yesterday.  It has warmed up to -2 degrees so a little warmer!

Here is another panel from my old window…

old window3


Monday Jan 27th

Get Well Soon

so gladI’ve been using some of our newer stamps for the displays in our booth and really like the ones just to send someone a cheer up card.  I try to take three matching papers and then fill the display with cards that all match.  Doesn’t always work but I do like how it looks when it does work!  So this card  is good for those who are recovering from surgery, from a cold, or the flu  or just whatever!  Very clean and simple.

Stamps Used:  E257 So Glad Feeling Better; DD59 Sending Fun Cube; DD63 1″ Dots  Lines; CC61 KB’s Birthday Bird

Here’s another frame from my old window.  I’ve been crocheting these little flowers.  They are so much fun and only take a few minutes!

kb & Momthe suitcase are re shuffled and re packed, clean and ready to head out again!



Thurs Jan 23


snow happens 1Snow has been happening here!  We have had several more inches of the white stuff!  So pretty!

Here is my dishwasher with the clean/dirty signs made out of scrabble letters…

dishwasher 1my dishwasher is actually two drawers!  I love it.  With just Kevin and I it’s nice to run small loads.  And yet when my sister and her family come over it holds everything!  It actually got terrible reviews online but I really like the machine.  It cleans well and loads great.  I think I needed the signs to keep track of what was clean and what wasn’t!

dirty:clean sign 2



Wed Jan 22nd!

Our World, Snowman

purple:red snowmanso this card I used the Sizzix die but extended the end that seems short to me.  I extended it by not placing my top cutting board over the end.  If you look in the comments there are a few instructions from customers that show other ways to extend and there is a you tube video showing how to extend.  Love the purple and red…reminds of the purple hat ladies clubs!

Here is my latest project that I’ve been working on….

old window 1before our son left home this summer we had some family pictures taken.  I had this old window that I bought with my birthday money from my Mom.  I love using my birthday money from my Mom and Dad for special things.   It just puts a smile on my face when I see the things in the house and remember my parents and just little things they  do like birthday cards with money! 🙂

I love scrabble letters.  Have used them for a few things.  I made  clean/dirty signs for dishwasher.  I will try and show them tomorrow.  Our names worked out perfectly with the scrabble letters.

old window 2how cute is that?!!




Tuesday, Ja 21st

Creatures, Valentine's Day

wild about 1 wild about 2another cute creature valentine!  Love the mini fox, he’s new!  Fits inside the 1″ circles.

I got several responses on the triple circle die on how to extent the card.  There is even a video showing how to extend it.  Good video to watch ladies!

this is what I did yesterday afternoon….remember I mentioned we were painting my friend Holly’s counter tops.  Well, we did and they came out great!  Today we are going over to put the waterproofing on them.  We need Kevin’s help for that!

counters 1 counters 2


Monday, Jan 20th

Baby Cards

baby animals wildGood Morning!  Happy Monday to You!  It’s a brand new week with lots of possibilities!  Love the new Wild About You Stamp.  Hoping to get the new stamps on the website this week.  My list is always longer than possibilities but it makes for never being bored.

This weekend I finished two projects in my garage.  One is a little entry way table and the other is a little magazine rack that I found at a local thrift store for $2 and it holds 12×12 perfectly!  It was an ugly brown so I changed it to an awesome grey with a hint of brown.  Happy with it!

paper rack 1 paper rack 2yep, happy with it!  Getting my class ready for the next show today.  It usually takes most of the day.  I’m also going to my friend Holly’s house to paint kitchen counters.  That should be interesting!

Stamps Used:

J33J33 KB’s Baby Animal Border

B275and B275 Wild About You!

Have a great Monday.





Friday, Jan 17

Valentine's Day

triple circle 1 triple circle 2Happy Friday to You all!  so happy it’s Friday!  Glad for a couple days off from the stamping world.  While home, we try really hard not to work on the weekends.  I know that it is hard to imagine but when your work lives with you sometimes it’s hard to turn off!  There is always more that can be done and sometimes you just have to stop. 🙂 I have a little trouble with that.

For those of you who have been wondering about the Triple Circle Flip die that is like The Paper Cut Triple Circle Z Fold card…mine has finally arrived.  It is VERY different!  VERY small!  It’s cute but I really feel like it doesn’t compare to the cards.  One reason I was disappointed in it,  was that there is really no place to put an inside saying.  Most everything is seen from the front of the card.  It was a little pricey at $29.99 but comes with lots of little things to cut out.  I much prefer to punch out three little circles that have to put things through the die cutting machine three times.  But it is really fun to play with and cute.  We will have a few for sale at the Lawrencville, GA show coming up in a few weeks.


Thurs, Jan 16th

Valentine's Day

valentine heartsGood Morning!  Our morning has started out with Kevin taking my niece and nephew to school bright and early so we are up and at it early!  I really like getting up early.  Kevin likes to stay up late and get up late and so I’ve kind of become that but I really like going to bed early and getting up early!

I should have taken this card out of the sleeve before I took the picture but as I say “it is what it is”…:) I’m looking forward to this weekend when I can get back in the studio for some stamping!  My laundry is getting caught up.  I’m not sure why I was so behind but I think it was because of all the company at Christmas.  I have the guest rooms all back together with sheets washed and beds made again so I’m hoping my weekend will be for fun.  Well, the orders await…I am taking a lunch break with my friend, Marilyn, to a pizza place called Cranky Pat’s so I best get to work!

Stamps Used:  F194 Swiss Dots 2”; A186 Solid Heart; DD42 Valentine Ticket Words; A190 Mini Heart