Thurs, Jan 16th

Valentine's Day

valentine heartsGood Morning!  Our morning has started out with Kevin taking my niece and nephew to school bright and early so we are up and at it early!  I really like getting up early.  Kevin likes to stay up late and get up late and so I’ve kind of become that but I really like going to bed early and getting up early!

I should have taken this card out of the sleeve before I took the picture but as I say “it is what it is”…:) I’m looking forward to this weekend when I can get back in the studio for some stamping!  My laundry is getting caught up.  I’m not sure why I was so behind but I think it was because of all the company at Christmas.  I have the guest rooms all back together with sheets washed and beds made again so I’m hoping my weekend will be for fun.  Well, the orders await…I am taking a lunch break with my friend, Marilyn, to a pizza place called Cranky Pat’s so I best get to work!

Stamps Used:  F194 Swiss Dots 2”; A186 Solid Heart; DD42 Valentine Ticket Words; A190 Mini Heart


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