Tues, Jan. 7th

d&tthis is our project for D&T this year.  Many of you know I’ve been making these little coffee cups into treat coffee cups and loving them!  We have some new stamps that say “treat for you”  “a treat for you” “gift for you” and “gift card value” and they work nicely!

So today is a really special day!  It is Kevin and my 30th Wedding Anniversary!  We are celebrating at an awesome restaurant called Chives in our little town of Suamico.  It is a high end restaurant that is really good but a little pricey so we have to plan for it.  Our good friends, Chris and Rick, were also married on this same day and in the same year so we celebrate together!  Need to get my work done so I can relax tonight!


3 Responses to “Tues, Jan. 7th”

  1. Lori DeSaulniers Says:

    Beth and Kevin –
    Happy 30th Anniversary! Hope your day is extra-special! Enjoy your special dinner and time with your friends. How cool is that – to celebrate with friends married on the same day!

  2. S Hann Says:

    Wishing you all the best for another 30 years together. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Sandy and Bryan

  3. Alida Phillips Says:

    Happy anniversary!!!!
    How lucky you are to have reached this milestone.

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