Turkey Cup

turkey cupthis was one of our make n takes this last weekend.  a turkey cup!  love the big eyes.

We had a very big day today.  Kevin’s Mom usually has a project or two for us to do while we are in Yuma.  She didn’t really have any thing for us to do but on Monday she was in her fridge grumbling about how much she wanted a new one and how much she dislikes the current one…so we got up this morning and went fridge shopping.  Very complicated when you have a small space to work in, so the cabinets above the fridge were taken out, new ones purchased and now the new fridge fits.  whew!  I’m ready for bed 🙂


8 Responses to “Turkey Cup”

  1. Lori from Iowa Says:

    Beth – Cute idea! And, I’m so glad you included Thanksgiving!
    Will you have a Christmas version at Madison? I don’t drink coffee, but our kids do, and a friend – and they all love Starbucks! So – they all appreciate gift cards. Thanks – Lori

  2. loride@mchsi.com Says:

    Beth – I finally found my reminder note. You didn’t have the Doily dies in Collinsville, and suggested I e-mail you to bring them to Madison. Hope you’re able to have them there. See you then! Thanks – Lori – from Iowa

  3. Lori from Iowa Says:

    I certainly understand about having enough time!!! Lori

  4. Mary Says:

    Do you have a template for covering the cups? Mary

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