Happy Halloween


ghost halloweenHere’s an adorable halloween card.  One of the great things about our stamps is the mirror reverse.  The stamps that have mirror reverse are usually a back to back stamp with no indexing.  The ghost stamp for example has a ghost on one side and then when you flip it over there is another ghost but it is looking right instead of left.  The ghost on this card is looking right and has a little heart on the left.  The opposite side would have the ghost looking left and a little heart on the right.  Make sense right?  🙂  The spider web used in this card also has a left and a right side.



This is DD44 KB’s Ghost.

EE34This is KB’s spider web EE34.

The bat’s are also a mirror reverse…

DD62on a up note…my ear is doing better!  Thank goodness!  Have a great halloween.  Where we are at in Phoenix they get tons (upward of 150+) trick or treaters so we have an exciting night ahead of us.





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Tonight finds us in Amarillo, TX!  Whew it has been a LONG drive!  We picked up  Kevin’s sister Tamara in Kansas City, MO on Sunday (after arriving at 11:20 pm the night before) and had a big day and then drove 7 hours or so to Tulsa, OK while listening to the Packers vs. the Vikings game.  Glad for a big win!  Monday morning found us traveling to Muskogee, OK to visit Aunt Gerri who Kevin has never met before and then off to Amarillo.  Tomorrow is a big day of 12 hours travel so we hope to be up very early and be off.

This snowman card is one of my favorites!  I’m hoping to make it into a make n take for Madison.  Not sure what words I want yet….maybe my coolest friend!

I have been plagued with some sort of plugged ear; from what I have no idea.  It has happened maybe three or four times in the last few years but quite troublesome 🙂  I’ve been hot packing it, putting drops in it, taking medication and nothing seems to help.  Ugh!  Ready for it to go bother someone else!

Hope your Monday was good. you may not hear from me  tomorrow depending on travel 🙂

Be Merry

Holiday, Winter

Be MerryHappy Friday everyone! It is kinda a 2 for 1 today (tis the season is used on both cards). Here is another snowman card. I just can’t seem to stop, the snowman is just so happy. Stamps used: C215 Be Merry!, FF36 Snowman Looking Up w/ Heart Buttons, D253 KB’s Heart Tag, C219 Tis the Season, DD16 Circle Snowflake/Double, BB39 Dotted Skinny Circles Mini, BB57 KB’s Cardinal Small, EE21 KB’s Bare Tree Small

The snowflakes and circles in the background are stamped in silver.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Some quick links below to the stamps on the card:





Christmas Bells

Christmas Cards

xmas bellsthe picture doesn’t even show how awesome this card is. The colors are beautiful together.  I like the added touch of black.  At first I made it all silver and teal but the little bit of black really sets it off.  Stamps Used:  F193 Hanging Bells, G287 Christmas  Wishes

We finally finished making stamps at 5 pm today!  Seemed like it took forever!  I now need to get all the make n takes ready, get the odds and ends ready and oh try not to forget to pack some clothes! Oh, and also make 15 cards for the blog while we are gone.  yikes, there is still a lot to do. I also didn’t clean on Wednesday since I was too busy making stamps so that needs to be done before we leave.  Brought all my plants in so they don’t die while we are gone…hopefully my sister will keep them alive by watering them 🙂

so our next journey in the stamp making process is to cushion everything.   I really should have taken a picture of what the rubber looks like when it comes out of the vulcanizer because it looks kind of cool.  Maybe when we get back I will try and remember to do that because they do have to be trimmed before they are cushioned.


photo 3Now with the added cling cushion we really have to pay attention to make sure we get the right cushion!  We usually just cut with a blade.  Well I had better get some rest so I can be up and at them tomorrow!



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helloI love this pattern paper! The other side is pretty cool too!  Hopefully I’ll have some cards with it on tomorrow. We are frantically making stamps and since we have two shows without coming home we have a lot of stamps to make!  Hoped to be done today and trailer packed but didn’t happen 😦

Here’s the next phase of stamp making…we have to cook everything!  And that is only half done, much more to do! Now you see why stamps cost what they do when you consider all the steps to it 🙂

photo 2-2


sympathy continues…

With Sympathy

sympathyyso our need for sympathy cards continues…one of my childhood friends mother-in-law died.  We’ve become friends with his wife too so our sympathies go out to her and her family.  It’s so hard to lose a parent.

We are frantically working to get ready for two shows and to go on the road soon.  We would like to be out Friday morning but it’s looking more like we won’t get out of here until Saturday am.  Too many things that need to be done before we go…like closing a pool and different things that can’t be left.  The cold has arrived!  I even broke out the heavy winter coat.

Here is the second phase of what we do.  The first we told you about before the “pulling”  next comes

photo 1-2pulling all the boards and putting the rubber on them.  We love our purple rubber.  It absorbs ink and transfers the ink so well.  Which is exactly what it’s job is!  Well I had better get back to work…this is what my garage look like right now….

garageso if we are going to get the cars in before we leave…there is a lot to do 🙂




Stamp Lift!


stamp lift 3So here is my stamp lifted card from Karissa’s card on Friday.  Stamp Lifting is just taking the basic idea of the card and making it into your own.  It might be the colors, the layout, or the stamps that you like and you change to make it your own.  I used mostly the same stamps, mostly the layout, and for sure the colors!

Stamps Used:  EE42 KB’s Snowman w/heart Looking up Med ( I had the number of stamp wrong on Friday!  Will have to fix!); AA27 Snowflakes, C215 Be merry!; and D253 Heart Flag

You’ll notice the background of snowflakes are perfectly random.  I used the “Perfectly Random Template”  Here are the pics…

stamp lift 1This is the template (cut in half)–notice that the paper falls off the squares on all the sides.

stamp lift 2Here are the snowflakes all stamped in the squares even the ones falling off!  Makes the background very pleasing to the eye.

We had an awesome weekend home!  I’ll try and show pictures of all that we accomplished on Saturday and then a nice relaxing day on Sunday.  Have a good Monday.




be merry!

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be merrySince Karissa has a busy Friday today…I told her I would blog for her.  I’ve been doing that alot lately.  Hmm wonder what’s up with her 🙂  Actually, a friend of hers is getting married today.  Lucky she sends me cards even on my days!

Love the silver snowflakes in the background.  I also like how Karissa colored her snowman with the light blue to match the background.  I think I’m going to sketch lift this card and show you on Monday.  And I have some more pictures of our stamping making process for Monday.

Stamps Used: C215 Be Merry; EE37 KB’s Plain Snowman Looking Up; AA27 Snowflakes; F210 Giga Rectangle

Have a good weekend!  So happy to be home this weekend 🙂


Tis the Season


tis the season

Ok I admit it.  I love snowmen!  I have trouble staying away from them.  I had a little piece of yesterday’s background paper left over so I thought I should use it up!  I used denim distress ink for the background and for the snowdrift.  And I have to admit I did use a die for the snowdrift.  I know I could probably cut one but I just like how they look.  I also used the distress ink on the ribbon so that it all matches.

Stamps Used:  FF36 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up/Lg; EE42 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up/Med.; C171 KB’s Snowflake; C219 Tis the Season

this is the die I used.  We have been carrying this brand in our booth.  We are working on our own dies…hopefully by next year.


So I thought I would just give you guys a little insight to our stamping making process.  We have 170 different stamps to make for the next show.  So we begin with a process we call “pulling”  Each stamp has a file folder with a ticket it that tells us what plate it is on, what size wood it requires, what size bag it goes in and then labels.  So we have to “pull” all the tickets and put them in little buckets.  It probably took us a good 8 hours to get them all pulled.  well,  that is really the second step.  The first step is just determining and putting together the order of stamps that we need.

pullingso here is our “bucket”  to be continued 🙂


Be Merry!

Christmas Cards

be merryso I’m not really sure why this card is so blurry!  Karissa will be giving me grief over it!  She hates blurry pictures 🙂  Oh well such is life some days!  The background came out awesome.  White embossed snowflakes with distress ink!  Not so happy about the card but some days are like that!  It’s been THAT kind of a day.  I think I’ll go and vulcanize (that the baking part of making stamps) since that doesn’t require too much out of me 🙂

Happy Wednesday