Monday Morning!


snowman1mntWell, here it is Monday Morning Again!  The days just keep passing by.  Kevin and I will be very busy today making stamps for the York convention.  We are going on a little mini vacation since Kevin’s sister Tamara is still in the midwest so we just have a few days to get them done.

This is a new Make n Take that we will be available in York.  It came out so adorable.  Stamps Used:  BB51 KB’s Snowman; DD61 Snow Fun Cube, DD63 1″ circle & dots.


Coffee Boo!


coffee booI got my box of 4 oz coffee cups and lids!  These are tiny plain coffee cups that you can decorate into a treat cup…how cute are they!??  I wish that I would have had some yarn in fun colors other than black and white but we are headed into town soon to go truck shopping (ugh, not so fun) but they have stores down there and soon I will be the proud owner of orange, purple, green and whatever other 🙂 color yarn!

I finally got my orders done (whew, they took what felt like forever!) so I could work on making some cute cups.  I want to make more but they will have to wait.

I also did a project with some spray paint since I was going into withdrawals.  This was a silver paper towel rack and I decided to make it into a cookie cutter holder and of course orange is my new favorite color.

cookie cuttersthe picture does not do it justice!  I did update my IPhone to IOS 7 and it’s awesome.  so for those of who are chicken…I really like it!  I still want an IPhone 5s but we will have to wait a little on that 🙂



What a day!

With Sympathy

sympathy2Pat, one of my customers, sent me a card using these colors and I just loved it so I set out to make one for myself.  It’s hard to tell on the picture but it’s an olive green, lighter olive green, and then some cream too!  Nice and Simple-just the way I like them.

Well it’s been quite a day…I feel like I accomplished nothing but worked all day.  We started off cleaning the house and only got the second floor done…hence nothing complete I still have the first floor to clean in the morning.  Went truck shopping (our truck has 371,000 miles on it and yes I didn’t make a typo) so we keep thinking it is going to stop one of these days…didn’t find a truck…hence that’s not done.  Got home to try and get some of my orders out…ran out of time so I headed to town to get my niece from school.  Hence no orders got out. I had to pick her up at 2:35 but she had a dentist appointment at 4:30 so what’s a girl  to do with a little time?  Yep, go shopping!  So thanks to my good friend Luanne Erickson I’m the proud owner of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Can’t wait to start using it.

annie sloanand we won’t be eating for the next month but I’ll be painting 🙂



Having Fun


SarahSo this is Sarah my little friend from Denver CO! So Cute!

Pam and I have been having fun…well Pam more than me…I have had to do some work so I think I stamped one card and now it’s time for supper so…there goes that!

I made another coffee card today.  Which I have to mention that nobody told me that I did the same card twice in the last couple of weeks 🙂  I think I was a little tired last week.  A vacation will do that to you!  The little coffee fun cube sold very well in Denver and it is a ton of fun.  We ran into someone in Denver doing Make n Takes with 4 oz coffee cups and they were absolutely adorable!  and yes I hope to have them in York, PA which is our next show.  I ordered the coffee cups and they have shipped already so I’ll try to show them to you all when I get a chance.

blue coffee



Thank You Denver!


snowman1Here is the inside to my card from last week!  I’m liking fun folds.

We are still traveling home from Denver, CO.  Had an awesome time in Denver.  Saw some old friends, Sandy, Joanne, Tina and company!  Met some new ones…met a young girl named Sarah who was the sweetest little girl.  I really would have like to take her home!  Me, who’s happy with my empty nest.  I took a picture of Sarah because she was so cute and polite but my email not working so great this am so I’ll try and post it in the morning.

We should be home sometime this afternoon and then Pam and Monty from Morning Star are coming for a little visit.  Pam and I are going to spend tomorrow stamping so hopefully I will have a few new Make n Takes to add.  Hope your Monday’s a good one!


Fun 1/2 Cut


snowmanThe really fun triple circle z fold cards have gotten me thinking of other fun cuts to do on cards.  Here is a 1/2 cut done on the bottom of this card.  The inside is only 5″ and I would have liked it to be 5.5″ but needed 13″ of  continues paper and since there is only 12×12 paper, I just could not get it any bigger.  This is a new size for our little snowman.

Stamps Used:  HH26 Hearts Border, G327 Brr! Baby, it’s cold outside!, DD59 Sending Fund Cube, DD63 1″ Dots & Circles, EE42 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up, EE41 Dots & Lines

Our new fun cubes have been really popular…the sending fun cube used on this card is very versatile!

DD59Four little stamps that fit inside 1″ circles.  We have two new ones that I hope to get on the internet sometime today or tomorrow. A Coffee Fun Cube and a Halloween Fun Cube.  Off to set up for the Colorado Show.  Enjoy today!



Arrival in Denver!


whole latteHere’s another coffee card with the Coffee Fun Cube!

Stamps Used:  G316 KB’s Capp Cup Lg; DD64 Coffee Fun Cube; HH26 Hearts Border; DD63 1″ Circle and Dots

We’ve arrived in Denver CO for the Scrapbook Expo Show on Friday and Saturday.  We had smooth sailing except for the awful internet at the hotel last night.  As we came down I-76 we saw the devastating flooding in Sterling CO.  We stopped for gas and there was only one station open, all restaurants were closed due to the flooding and no bathrooms.  All of Sterling CO was on a no flush ordinance.  Our hearts go out to all those affected by the flooding.


Thanks a Latte


thanksalatteLove the chevron stripes in this card!

Stamps Used:  S4-111 Swiss Dots Spellbinder; G316 KB’s Capp Cup; DD64 Capp Fun Cube; DD63 1″ Circles and dots.

So just a side note….Kevin thinks I’ve gotten a little carried away with the spray paint…this is my latest project…
hoseSo here is my brown hose!  and yes I spray painted it!!  Doesn’t it look so much better than green?  I’m not sure if you can buy brown hoses or not but why buy another hose when you can spray paint!  Right!??

Kevin had the hose going across my patio and I asked him to make it longer and move it around the side of the house and then under the deck.  It was way better than across the deck but I didn’t like the green.  I think it looks much better brown!  It was a bear to paint!!  But I love how it looks.