Coffee Boo!


coffee booI got my box of 4 oz coffee cups and lids!  These are tiny plain coffee cups that you can decorate into a treat cup…how cute are they!??  I wish that I would have had some yarn in fun colors other than black and white but we are headed into town soon to go truck shopping (ugh, not so fun) but they have stores down there and soon I will be the proud owner of orange, purple, green and whatever other 🙂 color yarn!

I finally got my orders done (whew, they took what felt like forever!) so I could work on making some cute cups.  I want to make more but they will have to wait.

I also did a project with some spray paint since I was going into withdrawals.  This was a silver paper towel rack and I decided to make it into a cookie cutter holder and of course orange is my new favorite color.

cookie cuttersthe picture does not do it justice!  I did update my IPhone to IOS 7 and it’s awesome.  so for those of who are chicken…I really like it!  I still want an IPhone 5s but we will have to wait a little on that 🙂



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