Owl Coaster


coasters 2So I know that I’ve already posted the fox coaster and was wishing I had a single picture of the owl coaster but apparently not!  Can’t even take credit for them because Karissa has been making them.  Apparently she just got a branch that fell during a storm and cut it thin and is making them that way!  Sometimes the storms that knock all the branches down can be a good thing!  We are looking for a way to seal them…any ideas from anybody???


Balance and 1″ Scallop

Thank You Cards

1 scallopGood Morning!  Since we have been getting questions regarding the punches that we use on these cards I thought I would do a little explaining this morning.

Most of the cards that I have done in the past used a 1.25″ scallop with a 1″ circle layered on top.  This morning I used a 1″ scallop with a 1 1/8″ circle behind.  Pam, I told you 1.25″ circle but It really looks better with a 1 1/8″ behind (Sorry about that).   I will try to get the punches on the website today since I know some have had trouble finding them.

The 1.25 scallop with 1″ circle gives a little more stamping room.  If you have smaller stamps and want less room than the 1″ scallop with 1 1/8″ circle works better.

mini 3 d dotsAt one of the shows recently someone asked me if I had mini 3 d dots.  I didn’t and wasn’t sure what they were but I love 3 d dots so I went looking for them.  Here they are!  and yes they are MINI!  Kind of a challenge to use but not bad.

Balance:  some people know what this is and some people don’t really care.  and it’s ok to not really care we are suppose to be having a fun, relaxing time stamping not stressing ourselves out!  But if you pay attention to balance it is more pleasing to the eye.  If you notice this stamp D25 Trio Daisies that I used on the card…I used the left side for the bottom and the right side for the top.  I don’t know if you can tell but I did use the mini 3 d dots to raise the top flower.  This puts the card in balance!  Mirror Reverse stamps also help with balance.

Karissa went on vacation so I guess I’ll blog for her tomorrow so she won’t have to worry about it.  Kevin’s sister from California is flying in tomorrow so we are excited to see her.  And another funeral…my friend Carol lost her 45 year old son unexpectedly on Saturday so want to go to that funeral and show her our love  and support.  Have a great Thursday.

P.S. I did something funny on this card…can any of you tell what it was?





birthday2Whew, the day went so fast today!  Wednesday is always cleaning day.  Since we’ve done just spot cleaning the last few weeks it seemed like it took longer to clean today.  But the house is clean!  I then had an eye doctor appointment…my near vision has been getting steadily worse!  Last weekend I priced things at $15.99 instead of $16.99 because the 5’s and 6’s look alike!  Lucky Kevin caught it as the customers were checking out and changed the price.  But that was the last straw so getting an update to my glasses!

This birthday card is for my mother-in-law who has a birthday on Thursday!  Love those triple circle Z fold cards.  And yes, I did get them on our website so they are available for order.

We got some good news today!  Scrapbook Expo called and had a cancelation for Denver, CO show in September so they added us in!  That will be exciting to go to Denver…it’s been awhile since we’ve been there!

Well better get some more laundry done 🙂  It’s hump day we are almost through the week!


Christmas Bulb

Christmas Cards

xmas bulbMade this card yesterday for the wholesale orders.  The super fun thing about these Triple Circle Z Folds is how quick they are!  Minutes really to a great card.  Nice for when you are in a hurry.  If you notice the Christmas Tree Sizzix Embossing Folder I didn’t use the entire tree.  I tried to but it just didn’t look right.  It looks so much better with the partial tree.

The paper is a Wild Cherry Triple Circle Z Fold card from The Paper Cut.  We hope to get these on the website today.  It is next on my list after blogging!

We are so enjoying being at home!  I cleaned out my truck yesterday…it looks awesome all cleaned out.  I told my sister that her children couldn’t eat in my truck any more!  She laughed and said “good luck with that..you’ll need to enforce it!”  I am kinda weak with the kids 🙂

Well I better get to work so I can get caught up so I can start working on my DIY projects!


Rainy Monday Morning!


coasters1Karissa was having some fun yesterday with these wood coasters.  I’m not sure where she got them…my guess would be her cousin Austin cut them for her but I’m not sure…maybe on Friday she can tell us??

How cute and adorable!

We are finally done with our four shows in a row and for the fun of it a couple of funerals in there too!  We are looking forward to some time at home.  Although we have lots to do today…I have 16 orders to get out so I’ll be busy.

For those of you who have been waiting for the lifestyle crafts circles and scallops.  They are finally here and we will begin contacting those of you who have asked us to.  Otherwise feel free to order on the website.

For those of you have been asking how we cut the three circle cards.  WE DON’T!  We buy and sell them that way.  You can cut a half circle but to line three of them up and do it three times requires far more patience than I have.  The cost of the Triple Circle Z Fold is either 24 variety pack (2 of each color) or 25 single color packs for $11.00.  We will be loading them on the website as soon as we get our current orders out so that you can purchase them from our website.

Yesterday Kevin and I did nothing.  Well not really but sort of! 🙂  We went to church in the morning, had lunch with some friends of ours, and then did nothing for the rest of the evening!  I know….hard to believe!

H&LSo these are two ladies I met at the Scrapbook Expo show in St. Charles, IL this weekend!  They have the cutest story.

They are Helen and Lois.  They were making the make n takes and they seemed like best friends or sisters so I asked them if they were sisters.  No, they met each other the year before standing in like to get into Scrapbook Expo and became fast friends this past year!  How cool is that!?? they seemed like they had known each other forever.  So I asked if I could take their picture and  post it and Lois (on the right!:)) says wait….let me put lipstick on!  So she put her lipstick on and I took their picture because it was such a heart warming story!



Friday Challenge: White Card stock

Birthday, Creatures
Woodland creatures celebrating birthday

Woodland creatures celebrating birthday

wood you


Happy Friday everyone! This morning I decided to challenge myself with white card stock. Do you find white card stock challenging? One thing I like about the white card is the clean, fresh look of it. It also saves time from having to layer colors and eliminates the need for tape/adhesive (I have run out of adhesive except for my 3-D dots). Please forgive my chevron border, I accidentally dropped it. Oops, I hate it when that happens.

Stamps used: EE36 KB’s Fox, CC57 KB’s Party Hat, HH31 Chevron Border, F224 KB’s Kite, E251 Wood Birthday, A190 Tiny Solid Heart, DD52 KB’s Clara Owl , DD60 1.25 Circle & Dots

Copic Markers used: R29, E47, E29, YR07, E33

Have a wonderful weekend!

– KB

Cup of Love


cup of loveGood Evening!  We have our booth all set up…just a 10×20 booth so a little complicated to set up since we are used to 10×30 but glad we finally got in an Scrapbook Expo Show.  It will be a tight squeeze but we are ready.

I love this card by Michelle ( she has an awesome blog that I’ll have to have Karissa put a link from our blog to hers since I’m technically challenged!)  I love the different colors of coffee cups.  She puts so much work and detail into her cards.
Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday.  We will finally get a break from back to back shows and I really need it 🙂


Thank You

Thank You Cards

thank youA cute adorable card today!  Made by Karissa a few weeks ago when she was home.  The triple circle z fold cards are so easy to make a great card.

We are frantically making stamps for the St. Charles show this weekend.  Although we don’t have it listed on our website we will be there.  They called us a few weeks ago with a cancelation and asked if we wanted to fill it. We agreed to fill the empty spot.



With Sympathy

symathyWell…we made it through the week!  Bittersweet day today with our youngest leaving home… but I guess we don’t raise them to live at home forever 🙂

Love the simplicity of this sympathy card.  The F210 Rectangle that matches the Giga Scallop Rectangle Punch is so versatile .  Hope your Monday was a good one!


Happy Birthday Drew!


Drew Frog Card

I was going to blog the other sympathy card today but for some reason it’s not showing up in my computer and I already deleted off my phone!  So we’ll head to my nephews birthday!  I don’t think I’ve blogged it yet but if I did…maybe you could forgive me!?

I made this card for him and than promptly asked him if he was going to throw it away? and if he was I wanted it back for my booth!  🙂 Tee Hee!  What an Aunt!

We head back to MN for my grandfather funeral  tomorrow.  Visitation Thursday night and Friday Morning funeral.  I then will fly to St. Louis, MO and Kev will pick me up there for the Collinsville,  IL show Saturday and Sunday.  Thankful God gives us strength when we need it.  Stamps are all made and it’s only Wednesday at noon.  Will be exciting to see my brother Brad who didn’t make it back for Mark’s funeral but will be home for grandpas.  It sounds like most of the grandkids will make it back for the funeral…not all the great grandkids but at least the grandkids.  Grandpa had three daughters and one proceeded him in death when we were teenagers.  The two surviving daughters will have all their kids with them which is nice since it’s never easy to lose a parent no matter the age.

We’ll be back on Monday.  Have a great weekend.

My Cousin Mark

With Sympathy

weed patch sympathyIt’s amazing what sleep does for the body and soul.  We are feeling better although yesterday was a difficult day.  I appreciate all the expressions of care and sympathy from you all.  My cousin Mark was a great guy that will be sadly missed by his family.  My heart especially goes to his parents, his sister and his children.

After our long drive home from OH, we had about 8 hours at home and then left for Minnesota for the funeral.  Not long ago I made a bunch of sympathy cards so that I would have them when I needed them.  Of course in all the unpacking and repacking I forgot my card.  My sister Sonya (who is an awesome stamper!) forgot her card too.  At 10 pm on Sunday night we are texting Karissa asking her to make us some cards and she came through for us.  I’ll blog those two cards this week.  Still unsure of when my grandfather’s funeral will be so blogging will be a little sketchy!

Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

markAs my Uncle Richard (Mark’s Father) said…Life must go on.  We’ll miss you Mark.