Dec 21

Since my Aunt’s quilting weekend I have had quilting on the brain!  

Stamps Used: HH19 Dual Stitches Border; D253 Heart Tag; B183 Thank You Tina;

My father searched and found this old sewing machine my Aunt swears by!  Really excited to use it. Four of us spent a couple of hours last night and we finally got the tension right. 😆 so excited! 

5 Responses to “Dec 21”

  1. Susan Walsh Says:

    I have a machine like that. I love it.

  2. kathleen Hegyes Says:

    My Mother has one just like it … in the case and it is 66 years old… She took it to a shop to be cleaned and a new belt… They told her they had never seen on in such good shape… She made all our clothes on it from grad school to my wedding dress…She will be 98 in January and sometime s uses it for hemming….

  3. Sharon D'Amico Says:

    Oh, I love that machine. I would simply enjoy looking
    at it.

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