Dec 22


Hello!  I have continued to enjoy my brother and parents at our house. Our son and his co-worker were up for lunch today and our daughter comes tomorrow so lots of just good times together. 

Today is my nieces birthday and now we are working on my sisters little singer machine that my Dad got her. My sister in law got a machine too! 

I got my inspiration for today’s card from this blanket…

It’s good to remember to choose joy.  Have a good Christmas!

Stamps Used: AA15 Dual Dots Mini; AA10 Dual Dots; J25 Carrot Border; F247 Joy to Holiday; DD60 Dots & Lines; DD83 Choose Fun Cube; 

2 thoughts on “Dec 22

  1. Love this card! The carrot border makes the perfect snowman noses! Thanks for helping me think outside the box. Can’t wait to see you in Georgia in February. Bring some snow with you, please.


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