June 20

Hello!  Rain!  It has done nothing but rain for what seems like days!  My brother and his wife are still with us so I have them packaging stamps this morning 😜 My brother is a lot like me – he has to be busy.

We played yesterday. We went to the driving range and I think I could get into golfing.  We are thinking of heady to Door Co. but we have to see when this rain will quit. 

Needed a get well card and I LOVE how this came out. Love the pattern paper- makes card making so easy. 

Stamps Used: F274 Latte Get Well Wishes; G316 Capp Cup Lg; D327 Perk Up Day;

5 Responses to “June 20”

  1. Kathy M. Says:

    Beth, who makes that patterned paper – it is really cute. You are making lots of new stamps to tempt us!! Cute card! I hope your rain stops so you can play!

  2. Kathleen Sheeks Says:

    Love the card. Definitely my next purchase. What pattern paper are you using. Thanks

  3. Marsha Eilers Says:

    Love this card, Beth. Sounds like some quality family time!

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