Fun 1/2 Cut


snowmanThe really fun triple circle z fold cards have gotten me thinking of other fun cuts to do on cards.  Here is a 1/2 cut done on the bottom of this card.  The inside is only 5″ and I would have liked it to be 5.5″ but needed 13″ of  continues paper and since there is only 12×12 paper, I just could not get it any bigger.  This is a new size for our little snowman.

Stamps Used:  HH26 Hearts Border, G327 Brr! Baby, it’s cold outside!, DD59 Sending Fund Cube, DD63 1″ Dots & Circles, EE42 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up, EE41 Dots & Lines

Our new fun cubes have been really popular…the sending fun cube used on this card is very versatile!

DD59Four little stamps that fit inside 1″ circles.  We have two new ones that I hope to get on the internet sometime today or tomorrow. A Coffee Fun Cube and a Halloween Fun Cube.  Off to set up for the Colorado Show.  Enjoy today!



Balance and 1″ Scallop

Thank You Cards

1 scallopGood Morning!  Since we have been getting questions regarding the punches that we use on these cards I thought I would do a little explaining this morning.

Most of the cards that I have done in the past used a 1.25″ scallop with a 1″ circle layered on top.  This morning I used a 1″ scallop with a 1 1/8″ circle behind.  Pam, I told you 1.25″ circle but It really looks better with a 1 1/8″ behind (Sorry about that).   I will try to get the punches on the website today since I know some have had trouble finding them.

The 1.25 scallop with 1″ circle gives a little more stamping room.  If you have smaller stamps and want less room than the 1″ scallop with 1 1/8″ circle works better.

mini 3 d dotsAt one of the shows recently someone asked me if I had mini 3 d dots.  I didn’t and wasn’t sure what they were but I love 3 d dots so I went looking for them.  Here they are!  and yes they are MINI!  Kind of a challenge to use but not bad.

Balance:  some people know what this is and some people don’t really care.  and it’s ok to not really care we are suppose to be having a fun, relaxing time stamping not stressing ourselves out!  But if you pay attention to balance it is more pleasing to the eye.  If you notice this stamp D25 Trio Daisies that I used on the card…I used the left side for the bottom and the right side for the top.  I don’t know if you can tell but I did use the mini 3 d dots to raise the top flower.  This puts the card in balance!  Mirror Reverse stamps also help with balance.

Karissa went on vacation so I guess I’ll blog for her tomorrow so she won’t have to worry about it.  Kevin’s sister from California is flying in tomorrow so we are excited to see her.  And another funeral…my friend Carol lost her 45 year old son unexpectedly on Saturday so want to go to that funeral and show her our love  and support.  Have a great Thursday.

P.S. I did something funny on this card…can any of you tell what it was?





birthday2Whew, the day went so fast today!  Wednesday is always cleaning day.  Since we’ve done just spot cleaning the last few weeks it seemed like it took longer to clean today.  But the house is clean!  I then had an eye doctor appointment…my near vision has been getting steadily worse!  Last weekend I priced things at $15.99 instead of $16.99 because the 5’s and 6’s look alike!  Lucky Kevin caught it as the customers were checking out and changed the price.  But that was the last straw so getting an update to my glasses!

This birthday card is for my mother-in-law who has a birthday on Thursday!  Love those triple circle Z fold cards.  And yes, I did get them on our website so they are available for order.

We got some good news today!  Scrapbook Expo called and had a cancelation for Denver, CO show in September so they added us in!  That will be exciting to go to Denver…it’s been awhile since we’ve been there!

Well better get some more laundry done 🙂  It’s hump day we are almost through the week!


Christmas Bulb

Christmas Cards

xmas bulbMade this card yesterday for the wholesale orders.  The super fun thing about these Triple Circle Z Folds is how quick they are!  Minutes really to a great card.  Nice for when you are in a hurry.  If you notice the Christmas Tree Sizzix Embossing Folder I didn’t use the entire tree.  I tried to but it just didn’t look right.  It looks so much better with the partial tree.

The paper is a Wild Cherry Triple Circle Z Fold card from The Paper Cut.  We hope to get these on the website today.  It is next on my list after blogging!

We are so enjoying being at home!  I cleaned out my truck yesterday…it looks awesome all cleaned out.  I told my sister that her children couldn’t eat in my truck any more!  She laughed and said “good luck with’ll need to enforce it!”  I am kinda weak with the kids 🙂

Well I better get to work so I can get caught up so I can start working on my DIY projects!