Fun 1/2 Cut


snowmanThe really fun triple circle z fold cards have gotten me thinking of other fun cuts to do on cards.  Here is a 1/2 cut done on the bottom of this card.  The inside is only 5″ and I would have liked it to be 5.5″ but needed 13″ of  continues paper and since there is only 12×12 paper, I just could not get it any bigger.  This is a new size for our little snowman.

Stamps Used:  HH26 Hearts Border, G327 Brr! Baby, it’s cold outside!, DD59 Sending Fund Cube, DD63 1″ Dots & Circles, EE42 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up, EE41 Dots & Lines

Our new fun cubes have been really popular…the sending fun cube used on this card is very versatile!

DD59Four little stamps that fit inside 1″ circles.  We have two new ones that I hope to get on the internet sometime today or tomorrow. A Coffee Fun Cube and a Halloween Fun Cube.  Off to set up for the Colorado Show.  Enjoy today!



Arrival in Denver!


whole latteHere’s another coffee card with the Coffee Fun Cube!

Stamps Used:  G316 KB’s Capp Cup Lg; DD64 Coffee Fun Cube; HH26 Hearts Border; DD63 1″ Circle and Dots

We’ve arrived in Denver CO for the Scrapbook Expo Show on Friday and Saturday.  We had smooth sailing except for the awful internet at the hotel last night.  As we came down I-76 we saw the devastating flooding in Sterling CO.  We stopped for gas and there was only one station open, all restaurants were closed due to the flooding and no bathrooms.  All of Sterling CO was on a no flush ordinance.  Our hearts go out to all those affected by the flooding.


Support Card for Nancy

Thank You Cards

support-cardOne of my customers wanted a copy of this card so I thought I would blog it.  It is much smaller than I thought so lets try it again!

support-carda little better!  We do appreciate all the support we receive from our awesome customers.  We are off on a little adventure today so taking a day off!

Stamps Used:  HH26 Heart Border; A190 Mini Heart; D109 Thanks for support; B224 KB’s Torrie Bra;  B225 KB’s Torrie Bra #2.  Enjoy your day!



Friends Sweeter


friends circle cardIt is a beautiful morning here in Green Bay, WI 55 degrees and sunny.  Just a nice crisp morning.

Kevin made it to Yuma, AZ last night while Travis and I are busy getting ready for the next show which is in Puyullup,  WA.  I started to paint some of my cabinets for the studio.  I have a bunch of mismatched things that I figure if I paint all the same it will make it not look so mismatched !  I’ve decided painting is a lot of work!  Hopefully it will look nice when done 🙂

Here’s another simple Friends card….


October 15, 2012

Christmas Cards

We had an awesome time in York, PA!  Headed home last night and drove about 3 hours…just until the Packer game started.  Went to Ruby Tuesday with Ron and Sarah from The Paper Cut and watched the Packers beat the Texans!  It was great to get a win!  Got up at 5:30 am this morning to get started driving and currently somewhere in the middle of Ohio.  Hope to be home by 7 pm tonight.  We have lots of stamps to make (thank you York!) so much to do!  Have a great week.  You’ll notice I used one of my favorite stamps on this card…the HH26 hearts border … such a versatile stamp!