Birthday Wishes


birthday wishes cakeThis was one of the most popular cards at the Puyallup show this weekend.  It’s funny how we hang cards every weekend in the same spot but because of the way the show floor is laid out different cards get asked about.  I do love the colors…razzleberry and sour apple.

We are currently traveling and it has rained the entire day today which makes it a little more difficult.  We are in St. Cloud, MN and hope to make it all the way home tonight.  We want to make a stop at IKEA for a few things 🙂 love that store.  Hope your having a great day!


December 21, 2012

Coffee, Friendship, Winter

joyful coffeeIt’s a great morning for coffee!  A little chilly here this morning but not too bad around 28 degrees.  My phone says more snow today but none for now.  I think we got a total of seven inches which isn’t bad but kept Kevin busy shoveling snow most of the day.  I used the AA10 dot again on this card along with a new arrow snowflake stamp for the background.  You’ll discover snow on my brain since all the next few cards feature it!  Hope your warm and dry!

October 15, 2012

Christmas Cards

We had an awesome time in York, PA!  Headed home last night and drove about 3 hours…just until the Packer game started.  Went to Ruby Tuesday with Ron and Sarah from The Paper Cut and watched the Packers beat the Texans!  It was great to get a win!  Got up at 5:30 am this morning to get started driving and currently somewhere in the middle of Ohio.  Hope to be home by 7 pm tonight.  We have lots of stamps to make (thank you York!) so much to do!  Have a great week.  You’ll notice I used one of my favorite stamps on this card…the HH26 hearts border … such a versatile stamp!

September 12, 2012


I love the saying on the inside of this card…Love in your and so forth.  It works for more than birthday.  It can handle all kinds of occasions….graduation, wedding, anniversary…well, you get the idea.  Very useful stamp.  Off to a funeral today, it’s been a year of them it seems.  It’s such a reminder that life is short and we need to make the most of every moment.