Happy holidays snowman – Oct. 1, 2020

Dull Glossy Paper, Holiday, Snowman, Winter

Good Morning! Here we used dull gloss paper to create snow piles. Very simple and easy! Just cut some curves in one side. Popped up the top layer with 3d dots to create depth. Check below for a photo gallery of previous cards with this snowman!

Stamps: FF36 Snowman Looking Up, D321 Happy Holidays, E288 Warm Holiday Cheer, A240 Arrow Snowflake, AA33 Open Dual Dots

Below is a round up of previous cards with FF36! We thought it was fun to look back and see all the cards created.

January 18, 2013

Friendship, smile, Snowman, Winter

Be happy SnowmanI love the colors on this card!  Orange and Razzleberry, two of my favorites!  The new chevron border is also a favorite.  I love border stamps since they add so much to cards!  The chevron stamp has solid chevron on one side and open on the other side so you can color in!  Maybe I’ve blogged this before but it never hurts to repeat!

My hotel is right next to a Hobby Lobby so I’ve been keeping myself busy with the website instead of shopping but I think the walls are closing in a little today so plan to head over there!  Looking for some printed stripe paper and kleenix!


January 17, 2013

Snowman, Winter

wonderland inside scarfIt’s a great day here in Texas!  We are busy working on the internet adding images and fixing some things!  Boring work but it needs to be done too!

This card reminds me of the need to be joyful!  When we realize all that we have to be joyful it makes it harder to be crabby!

This is some of the cool yarn I got yesterday during my travels and found a new scarf pattern.  It goes really quick.  I think I only knit for 1/2 hour yesterday and this is how far I got!  Well, better get to work so I can knit!!


December 22, 2012

Coffee, Friendship, Winter

joyful coffee insideI know it is Saturday and normally I don’t blog…but just a couple things.  I want to wish my niece a very HAPPY Birthday today!  Hard to believe she is 14!  Since Christmas is almost here…I won’t be blogging again until Thursday.  And this is the inside to yesterday’s card!  So lots of reasons to blog!  Enjoy your Christmas!  Be safe and happy!


December 21, 2012

Coffee, Friendship, Winter

joyful coffeeIt’s a great morning for coffee!  A little chilly here this morning but not too bad around 28 degrees.  My phone says more snow today but none for now.  I think we got a total of seven inches which isn’t bad but kept Kevin busy shoveling snow most of the day.  I used the AA10 dot again on this card along with a new arrow snowflake stamp for the background.  You’ll discover snow on my brain since all the next few cards feature it!  Hope your warm and dry!