May 22, 2019

Faith, Thinking of You

Hello! We’ve been thrown a little curve ball in this thing called life. My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week so I wanted to make her a card to send in the mail. She loves birds and I had so much fun making this card!

Stamps Used: CC40 KB’s Birds; G311 Branch; EE57 Heart Tags Small; C266 Look Up; GG54 Vine Leaves; G148 Trust Creator;

5 thoughts on “May 22, 2019

  1. Beautiful card. (I have those birds and branch). Heavenly Father be with Beth’s mother. Give the Drs wisdom in treating her. Give her Your peace in the coming days, in Jesus’ precious and Holy name, amen


  2. Beth, so sorry to hear of your Mother’s health issues . Will send you positive thoughts for her quick recovery. Your card is so sweet, thank you for sharing.


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