Monday Morning!

Snowman, Winter

yellow & blue snowman

We have to make our own snow for Christmas!  It’s raining!  Yesterday was the first day of Winter but the long johns have come off and we have no snow.  We got some things done this weekend.  Well, not a lot but we did manage to tile the mudroom.  So now we just need to get it grouted before all our company comes 🙂

Love the colors of this snowman card!  Stamps Used:  EE42 KB’s Snowman Looking Up Med, F228 Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Have a great Monday!

Stamp Lift!


stamp lift 3So here is my stamp lifted card from Karissa’s card on Friday.  Stamp Lifting is just taking the basic idea of the card and making it into your own.  It might be the colors, the layout, or the stamps that you like and you change to make it your own.  I used mostly the same stamps, mostly the layout, and for sure the colors!

Stamps Used:  EE42 KB’s Snowman w/heart Looking up Med ( I had the number of stamp wrong on Friday!  Will have to fix!); AA27 Snowflakes, C215 Be merry!; and D253 Heart Flag

You’ll notice the background of snowflakes are perfectly random.  I used the “Perfectly Random Template”  Here are the pics…

stamp lift 1This is the template (cut in half)–notice that the paper falls off the squares on all the sides.

stamp lift 2Here are the snowflakes all stamped in the squares even the ones falling off!  Makes the background very pleasing to the eye.

We had an awesome weekend home!  I’ll try and show pictures of all that we accomplished on Saturday and then a nice relaxing day on Sunday.  Have a good Monday.




Fun 1/2 Cut


snowmanThe really fun triple circle z fold cards have gotten me thinking of other fun cuts to do on cards.  Here is a 1/2 cut done on the bottom of this card.  The inside is only 5″ and I would have liked it to be 5.5″ but needed 13″ of  continues paper and since there is only 12×12 paper, I just could not get it any bigger.  This is a new size for our little snowman.

Stamps Used:  HH26 Hearts Border, G327 Brr! Baby, it’s cold outside!, DD59 Sending Fund Cube, DD63 1″ Dots & Circles, EE42 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up, EE41 Dots & Lines

Our new fun cubes have been really popular…the sending fun cube used on this card is very versatile!

DD59Four little stamps that fit inside 1″ circles.  We have two new ones that I hope to get on the internet sometime today or tomorrow. A Coffee Fun Cube and a Halloween Fun Cube.  Off to set up for the Colorado Show.  Enjoy today!