Birthday wish – June 10, 2020

Birthday, Dull Glossy Paper

Here is a quick card using HH28 to create a background. We used dull gloss paper for the 4×5.25 piece and for the circle. We used copic markers to color the cupcake. We rubbed the edge of the circle against an ink pad to add a border. Hope your week is going well!

Stamps: HH28 Lines, G344 Birthday Wish, E254 Cupcake

Circle cutting die

Halloween 2


halloween2We made it to Cleveland, OH last night.  Our hotel room has no heat so it’s a little chilly!  Not sure what’s wrong with the heat but it’s a good thing there were two beds in our room since we stole all the covers from the other bed!

Here’s another halloween card to get you in the mood for halloween.  Still haven’t gotten the new stamps on the website yet but we should have good internet most of the way today.  Almost to the weekend!

Here’s what the halloween fun cube looks like:


Friends Sweeter


friends circle cardIt is a beautiful morning here in Green Bay, WI 55 degrees and sunny.  Just a nice crisp morning.

Kevin made it to Yuma, AZ last night while Travis and I are busy getting ready for the next show which is in Puyullup,  WA.  I started to paint some of my cabinets for the studio.  I have a bunch of mismatched things that I figure if I paint all the same it will make it not look so mismatched !  I’ve decided painting is a lot of work!  Hopefully it will look nice when done 🙂

Here’s another simple Friends card….


October 11, 2012

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So busy working on the website, I almost forgot to upload a card today!  These new tape measure are mirror reverse back to back stamps so you can use them which ever way you need to!  Love that!  York, PA is where we are.  If interested in the show this weekend check out more information at