Rainy Monday Morning!


coasters1Karissa was having some fun yesterday with these wood coasters.  I’m not sure where she got them…my guess would be her cousin Austin cut them for her but I’m not sure…maybe on Friday she can tell us??

How cute and adorable!

We are finally done with our four shows in a row and for the fun of it a couple of funerals in there too!  We are looking forward to some time at home.  Although we have lots to do today…I have 16 orders to get out so I’ll be busy.

For those of you who have been waiting for the lifestyle crafts circles and scallops.  They are finally here and we will begin contacting those of you who have asked us to.  Otherwise feel free to order on the website.

For those of you have been asking how we cut the three circle cards.  WE DON’T!  We buy and sell them that way.  You can cut a half circle but to line three of them up and do it three times requires far more patience than I have.  The cost of the Triple Circle Z Fold is either 24 variety pack (2 of each color) or 25 single color packs for $11.00.  We will be loading them on the website as soon as we get our current orders out so that you can purchase them from our website.

Yesterday Kevin and I did nothing.  Well not really but sort of! 🙂  We went to church in the morning, had lunch with some friends of ours, and then did nothing for the rest of the evening!  I know….hard to believe!

H&LSo these are two ladies I met at the Scrapbook Expo show in St. Charles, IL this weekend!  They have the cutest story.

They are Helen and Lois.  They were making the make n takes and they seemed like best friends or sisters so I asked them if they were sisters.  No, they met each other the year before standing in like to get into Scrapbook Expo and became fast friends this past year!  How cool is that!?? they seemed like they had known each other forever.  So I asked if I could take their picture and  post it and Lois (on the right!:)) says wait….let me put lipstick on!  So she put her lipstick on and I took their picture because it was such a heart warming story!



One thought on “Rainy Monday Morning!

  1. I will be excited to purchase the Triple-Circle Z from you! Seeing the picture of Helen holding the card makes me want to go make another Z-fold card right NOW!


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