Balance and 1″ Scallop

Thank You Cards

1 scallopGood Morning!  Since we have been getting questions regarding the punches that we use on these cards I thought I would do a little explaining this morning.

Most of the cards that I have done in the past used a 1.25″ scallop with a 1″ circle layered on top.  This morning I used a 1″ scallop with a 1 1/8″ circle behind.  Pam, I told you 1.25″ circle but It really looks better with a 1 1/8″ behind (Sorry about that).   I will try to get the punches on the website today since I know some have had trouble finding them.

The 1.25 scallop with 1″ circle gives a little more stamping room.  If you have smaller stamps and want less room than the 1″ scallop with 1 1/8″ circle works better.

mini 3 d dotsAt one of the shows recently someone asked me if I had mini 3 d dots.  I didn’t and wasn’t sure what they were but I love 3 d dots so I went looking for them.  Here they are!  and yes they are MINI!  Kind of a challenge to use but not bad.

Balance:  some people know what this is and some people don’t really care.  and it’s ok to not really care we are suppose to be having a fun, relaxing time stamping not stressing ourselves out!  But if you pay attention to balance it is more pleasing to the eye.  If you notice this stamp D25 Trio Daisies that I used on the card…I used the left side for the bottom and the right side for the top.  I don’t know if you can tell but I did use the mini 3 d dots to raise the top flower.  This puts the card in balance!  Mirror Reverse stamps also help with balance.

Karissa went on vacation so I guess I’ll blog for her tomorrow so she won’t have to worry about it.  Kevin’s sister from California is flying in tomorrow so we are excited to see her.  And another funeral…my friend Carol lost her 45 year old son unexpectedly on Saturday so want to go to that funeral and show her our love  and support.  Have a great Thursday.

P.S. I did something funny on this card…can any of you tell what it was?