My Cousin Mark

With Sympathy

weed patch sympathyIt’s amazing what sleep does for the body and soul.  We are feeling better although yesterday was a difficult day.  I appreciate all the expressions of care and sympathy from you all.  My cousin Mark was a great guy that will be sadly missed by his family.  My heart especially goes to his parents, his sister and his children.

After our long drive home from OH, we had about 8 hours at home and then left for Minnesota for the funeral.  Not long ago I made a bunch of sympathy cards so that I would have them when I needed them.  Of course in all the unpacking and repacking I forgot my card.  My sister Sonya (who is an awesome stamper!) forgot her card too.  At 10 pm on Sunday night we are texting Karissa asking her to make us some cards and she came through for us.  I’ll blog those two cards this week.  Still unsure of when my grandfather’s funeral will be so blogging will be a little sketchy!

Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

markAs my Uncle Richard (Mark’s Father) said…Life must go on.  We’ll miss you Mark.



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