Owl Coaster


coasters 2So I know that I’ve already posted the fox coaster and was wishing I had a single picture of the owl coaster but apparently not!  Can’t even take credit for them because Karissa has been making them.  Apparently she just got a branch that fell during a storm and cut it thin and is making them that way!  Sometimes the storms that knock all the branches down can be a good thing!  We are looking for a way to seal them…any ideas from anybody???


4 thoughts on “Owl Coaster

  1. I suggest spar urethane this was made for boat deck floors and gym floors but now you can buy in hardware stores protects from sunlight, rain & moisture and temperature changes. comes in semi gloss and gloss is clear will not give you a white ring when you use it with a wet glass. I used on my 50 chevy pick up bed and it has held up very well in rain I did it 5 years ago still looks great!


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