fishingGood Evening!  After a relaxing Labor Day I was looking at some of my friends on facebook who were posting fishing pictures and I thought of this card!  Karissa made it for her Dad for his birthday.

Stamps Used:  CC27 Dots & Circles 7/8″; B243 KB’s Fishing Pole; B117 Happy Birthday

So we have been busy making stamps since we added the Colorado show.  We are also enjoying having my sister in law stay with us.  She will be here for about a week and a half…she’s been helping filing and doing all sorts of things!

We have some new stamps coming…a Halloween Fun Cube and a Coffee Fun cube…a new Cappuccino cup…tiny one for the Triple Circle Z Fold Cards… and an old snowman in a new size.  We should have for the Colorado show.

I’m so excited about an ebay find!  I was at TJ Maxx the other day and found some Keen orange shoes that were adorable but of course not my size.  So I started searching ebay….did you know that there are one thousand six hundred and seventy -two  women’s Keen shoes in size 7 for sale on ebay?? seriously..  So after searching some 700+ and bidding on four pair of shoes…I finally found the shoes I was looking for!

orange shoes


They came in the mail today!  so adorable…they look even cuter in real life.  Yes, they are ORANGE!  I have no idea when or with what I can wear these but my new favorite color is orange. And luckily I lost all the other bids on the shoes so I didn’t end up with five new pairs of shoes! 🙂

See you tomorrow!


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