Another Grad Card


grad card2

Good Morning!  We have another Star Graduation card this morning.  I want to make a birthday card with the star cards…we will see how the day goes 🙂

We have a big day today.  My brother is in the area (well not too close but a 45 minute drive so not too bad!) and we’ve been invited down to have supper with him.  The area where he is has GOOD SHOPPING!  I love good shopping so I can’t go down there without a little shopping 🙂  Working frantically so I can do a bit of shopping before supper 🙂

Stamps Used:  DD69 Grad Fun Cube, DD60 Lines & Dots Circles, HH29 Star Border

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Another Grad Card

  1. I would like to purchase the embossing folder you used on this card. Can I get it from you? Let me know and I’ll stop by when you have it available. Hope you get to see your brother while he’s nearby. Enjoy your shopping too!


  2. Yes, I can wait. Works for me. I thought it would add to any graduation cards I might make. Funny how adding some embossing to a card just perks it up some. Just let me know when you can get at it and I can stop by to pick it up. Thanks Beth!


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