Graduation Continues…





Good Morning!  We have woken up to rain this morning…but not like Dallas has!  I’ve been thinking about Andretta and Eden who live in Garland and  Dallas TX.  You guys have had rain!  Maybe since you can’t go to work you can get some stamping in??  Hopefully no water in your house!!

Stamps Used:  CC27 Dots & Lines, DD69 Grad Fun Cube, B134 KB’s Grad Cap Sm, F115 Accomplishment, A198 KB’s Grad Cap Mini

There just does not seem to be enough time in the day to get all the things accomplished.  The stamp making seems to keep getting in the way.  For the next few days that will be our project 🙂

Graduation Time!


lightbulb grad card

lightbulb grad card2

lightbulb grad card3

lightbulb grad card4

lightbulb grad card5

Hello!  Time to think about graduation…we have two graduating this year…my nephew Austin and a friend Brett.  We also have some new stamps coming about that are about a “bright future” so I’ve been playing with the light bulb.  Love it!

Stamps Used:  G337 KB’s Lightbulb, Lg; D187 Grad Hat; F160 Future Holds; A248 Light Bulb Mini; DD69 Grad Fun Cube; DD63 Dots & Circles

I have two flats of flowers I picked up yesterday while in town so lots to do today!

Busy Day


so tweet

Hell0!  Today is a very busy day for us.  Bible study is at our house tonight…so a half way clean house needs to be accomplished 🙂 We need to finish up our painting project.  I have orders that are ready that need to be shipped.  The truck needs to go to town for a repair.  Better busy than bored I guess!

Stamps Used:  A190 Tiny Heart, C224 So Tweet!, CC40 KB’s Birds, EE53 KB’s Paper Airplane.

Beautiful Day!

Get Well Soon

feel better1

feel better2

feel better3

feel better4It is a beautiful day here in WI.  I image that everyone is all rested from a nice long weekend 🙂  Either that or we are tired from the long weekend!

We had a productive weekend.  A little more re-modeling around the house:  kitchen floor is all ripped out; outlets were put in the kitchen island; powder bathroom floor ripped out and the walls repainted; flower pot outsides all replanted; entire house was power washed; decking all power washed; danylions pulled (never ending, unthankful job :)) Yep, it was a good weekend.  We even met some of my second cousins for lunch on Sunday and had a day of memories!

So glad your feeling better is a nice cheerful card to send to a friend who’s been sick or down.

Stamps Used:  AA11 Firefly, DD63 Dots & Circle, E257 So glad feeling better,CC61 KB’s Birthday bird mini, G148 Trust Creator








good morning!  So today’s card was made for my brother-in-law who is a gamer!  His birthday was on June 15 while we were gone so it became a belated birthday card.  I made the xbox controller by downloading a SVG file from the internet and bringing it to the brother website and converting it to a brother file.  so much fun!

Stamps Used: D282 Happy Belated Birthday; D283 Extend Celebration

Have a great weekend.  We are certainly looking forward to a weekend of catch up.






Hello!  Our adventure to Portland and Puyallup is finally over!  We arrived home yesterday about 1 pm.  We were really tired.  I don’t think I’ve recovered yet…planning on an early bedtime 🙂

If you special ordered a stamp at the Portland show…they are all being mailed today.  Puyallup should be mailed tomorrow!

Stamps Used:  GG37 KB’s Camper, D309 Happy Adventures

Still on the road


Good Morning!

We are still traveling and will be making it home later today. Love traveling but it sure is good to get home too. Whew! Especially after being in the car for so many hours. Here is a quick simple card with the EE53 candles. Copic markers used: R32 Peach, YR15 Pumpkin Yellow, BV13 Hydrangea Blue (looks purple to me), BG01 Aqua Blue

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender IMG_8465 IMG_8463



Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just a quick post since we have a long drive home.

Here is another gift card pocket. The circle stamp is BB39 and was inked with gouache paint to get the spilled, messy look.

IMG_8442 IMG_8440 IMG_8439

Present –

Incredible Day –

Circles –

Puyallup WA

Birthday, Gift Card Holders

giftcard3giftcard2Hell0!  Our internet is working fabulous today!  🙂  It was very very slow out at Cannon Beach.  It was actually painful.  I would walk away and then come back it was loading things so slowly.  I guess that’s why you walk the beach.

We are heading in to set up here in Puyallup.  Soon we will begin the long journey home.

A cute gift card holder this morning.

Stamps Used:  HH27 KB’s Whumsy Daisy Lg, D298 Incredible Birthday, B278 Gift Card Value

Beautiful Beach


bday candles1


Good Evening!  We have had a full day of washing clothes and cleaning the “house” today.

This is the beautiful beach we are camping by.  Although you can’t see any “beach” in the picture – it is very beautiful.

Stamps in Today’s Card:  EE53 KB’s Candles, E43 Happy Birthday

We are heading up to Seattle in the morning to get ready for the Puyallup, WA show.  Enjoy your evening!

Cannon Beach OR


birthday daisy


Good Afternoon!  We enjoyed a long walk on the beach yesterday, relaxed, and just had a quiet day.  And, yes Sue, it is warm enough to walk on the beach but not to go in the water.  Today we expect it to rain all day and so we plan to hit the outlet mall which is just up the road.

Today’s birthday card was made using this paint.  That is Karissa’s little Mason in the picture.  He never moves too far from her side 🙂

Stamps Used:  E43 Happy Birthday, HH27 KB’s Whumsy Daisy, LG