Thursday Evening

Just a Note

We’ve accomplished a lot today !  We have all the convention “pulled” that means all the stamps we are going to make have had their ticket pulled. The ticket tells us all the information we need to make the stamp.  We have vulcanized 1/2 of them. We still have a long way to go but I see lots of progress.

Kevin and Bruce (a friend of ours) have continued to build in the pantry/mudroom. I have to say it is coming out better than I could have imagined!! I have been admiring those barn doors on Pintrest and I’m getting one in the pantry/mudroom. so excited. I will post pictures when done 🙂

I made today’s card for a friend of mine that needs a little love sent her way!  Stamps Used: D300 Sending Love; EE56 KB’s Tall Daisy Lg; F196 Wishing Love.

The Long Weekend is about here!

Beautiful Day!

Get Well Soon

feel better1

feel better2

feel better3

feel better4It is a beautiful day here in WI.  I image that everyone is all rested from a nice long weekend 🙂  Either that or we are tired from the long weekend!

We had a productive weekend.  A little more re-modeling around the house:  kitchen floor is all ripped out; outlets were put in the kitchen island; powder bathroom floor ripped out and the walls repainted; flower pot outsides all replanted; entire house was power washed; decking all power washed; danylions pulled (never ending, unthankful job :)) Yep, it was a good weekend.  We even met some of my second cousins for lunch on Sunday and had a day of memories!

So glad your feeling better is a nice cheerful card to send to a friend who’s been sick or down.

Stamps Used:  AA11 Firefly, DD63 Dots & Circle, E257 So glad feeling better,CC61 KB’s Birthday bird mini, G148 Trust Creator


Valentine’s Mice

Valentine's Day

Happy Tuesday! Does everyone have their Valentine’s cards ready? How cute are these mice in love?!

Photo Feb 07, 12 44 45 PMPhoto Feb 07, 12 44 29 PMStamps used: Mice (coming soon), EE52 KB’s Paper Airplane, DD59 Sending Fun Cube, A190 Tiny Solid Heart, Happy Valentine’s Day (coming soon)

Link to paper airplane: 

Link to fun cube:

Link to tiny heart:

Still traveling, so another short post today.