Having Fun

SarahSo this is Sarah my little friend from Denver CO! So Cute!

Pam and I have been having fun…well Pam more than me…I have had to do some work so I think I stamped one card and now it’s time for supper so…there goes that!

I made another coffee card today.  Which I have to mention that nobody told me that I did the same card twice in the last couple of weeks 🙂  I think I was a little tired last week.  A vacation will do that to you!  The little coffee fun cube sold very well in Denver and it is a ton of fun.  We ran into someone in Denver doing Make n Takes with 4 oz coffee cups and they were absolutely adorable!  and yes I hope to have them in York, PA which is our next show.  I ordered the coffee cups and they have shipped already so I’ll try to show them to you all when I get a chance.

blue coffee



One Response to “Having Fun”

  1. Pam Michaelis Says:

    Monte and I did have fun, fun, fun with Beth and Kevin and they fed us well, too! I stamped all day and have a huge list of products I “need” that I played with at Beth’s! We appreciate their hospitality and friendship!

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