Nov 7

Friendship, Snowman

Good Evening!  We spent the day at the doctors today. Many of you know I’ve been having knee problems. Thought I was just getting old (well that is happening too!) but the pain became unbearable in the night so I went in for x-rays today. Knee Infusion is the diagnosis so started on Prednisone shots and oral pills. I was hoping for a miracle but not much improvement yet 😣

Spent the day sitting and sleeping. ..pain kindof wears you out. 😟. Hoping for a better day tomorrow 😊

Stamps Used: BB22 Snowflake Fun Cube; EE47 Ear Muff Snowman; F279 Happy, Smile, & Love;

4 thoughts on “Nov 7

  1. Heavenly Father be with Beth and her knee. I pray that the meds the Dr gave her might help her knee to get back on track. Thank You for the day of sleep and rest. I pray the pain eases up and that You’d provide for their needs as she recoups. Thank You for the blessing that their lives have on us, in Jesus’ precious and Holy name, Amen.


  2. Beth,
    Praying your knee heals quickly and your pain subsides! Hard to imagine ;-/, but perhaps God has used this as a means to slow you down. Keep up your spirits!
    Blessings, as always!

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