Thanks a Latte

thanksalatteLove the chevron stripes in this card!

Stamps Used:  S4-111 Swiss Dots Spellbinder; G316 KB’s Capp Cup; DD64 Capp Fun Cube; DD63 1″ Circles and dots.

So just a side note….Kevin thinks I’ve gotten a little carried away with the spray paint…this is my latest project…
hoseSo here is my brown hose!  and yes I spray painted it!!  Doesn’t it look so much better than green?  I’m not sure if you can buy brown hoses or not but why buy another hose when you can spray paint!  Right!??

Kevin had the hose going across my patio and I asked him to make it longer and move it around the side of the house and then under the deck.  It was way better than across the deck but I didn’t like the green.  I think it looks much better brown!  It was a bear to paint!!  But I love how it looks.




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2 Responses to “Thanks a Latte”

  1. Michelle Pearson Says:

    ha! hilarious hose! …that would be so much easier to disguise in the mulch! 😉

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