Tis the Season

tis the season

Ok I admit it.  I love snowmen!  I have trouble staying away from them.  I had a little piece of yesterday’s background paper left over so I thought I should use it up!  I used denim distress ink for the background and for the snowdrift.  And I have to admit I did use a die for the snowdrift.  I know I could probably cut one but I just like how they look.  I also used the distress ink on the ribbon so that it all matches.

Stamps Used:  FF36 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up/Lg; EE42 KB’s Heart Snowman Looking Up/Med.; C171 KB’s Snowflake; C219 Tis the Season

this is the die I used.  We have been carrying this brand in our booth.  We are working on our own dies…hopefully by next year.


So I thought I would just give you guys a little insight to our stamping making process.  We have 170 different stamps to make for the next show.  So we begin with a process we call “pulling”  Each stamp has a file folder with a ticket it that tells us what plate it is on, what size wood it requires, what size bag it goes in and then labels.  So we have to “pull” all the tickets and put them in little buckets.  It probably took us a good 8 hours to get them all pulled.  well,  that is really the second step.  The first step is just determining and putting together the order of stamps that we need.

pullingso here is our “bucket”  to be continued 🙂


One Response to “Tis the Season”

  1. Lori from Iowa Says:

    Beth – cute card! Snowmen are my downfall, also.
    I think it will be interesting to see some of your process to make stamps – thanks for sharing.

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